Check out the size of the crowd in this video:

For someone who supposedly is lacking in name ID, there sure looked like there was alot of people at Tim Pawlenty’s Pretzels and Pints event Thursday night. I thought Gov. Pawlenty’s speech was especially effective in criticizing President Obama for his out of control spending (Hillary on rhetorial bended knee) and in his saying that he knows how to “reach out to people who are not yet Republican.”

As good as Gov. Pawlenty is in that part of the speech, he’s even better in this portion of the speech:

Partial Transcript:

GOV. PAWLENTY: You see them come into power saying that they’re the party of the poor and the disadvantaged but one of the first things they do, in the first six months and come into Washington, DC and abolish the scholarships for poor children in the school districts who have a chance to flee a failing school district.

Those are troubling signs but they represent sonmething else. They represent a suffocation, an encroachment of our freedoms and our liberties at every instance, whether it’s your privacy at the ballot box at work or whether it’s your right to make a health care decision, whether it’s your right to make a decision on where your children go to school.

And one last thing, we now have an administration that says to some of our best friends around the world like Poland and the Czech Republic “You can’t count on us even though we promised to stick with you, even though you stuck your necks out for us, even though you took a great risk, you’ll never know when we might pull the rug out from under you. You have Lech Walesa saying that “You can’t trust the United States. They’re only out for themselves.”

This is typical Tim Pawlenty, talking in a measured tone of voice but flashing his sharp elbows in highlighting President Obama’s abandoning of key allies that formed a counterbalance to Putin’s Russia, saying that President Obama had sent the message that we couldn’t be trusted when the going got tough even though those countries had “stuck their necks out for us.”

I thought that Gov. Pawlenty was great in highlighting President Obama’s lofty talk about being for the little guy and the downtrodden but then abolishing the scholarships DC children need to flee the District’s failing pulbic schools. Once again, President Obama’s rhetoric is lofty even while his actions are despicable.

Last night’s event only solidifies in my mind why Tim Pawlenty, not Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee, is the candidate best equipped to defeat President Obama. His attacks are concise and on target. His demeanor is presidential. His record for fiscal restraint is solid.

Overall, based on a friend’s eyewitness recollection of the event, coupled with these videos, I’d say Gov. Pawlenty made a positive first impression. The event went off like a well-written script. Most importantly, Gov. Pawlenty showed that he has the gravitas to go toe-to-toe with President Obama and the wit to draw in “those who aren’t yet Republicans.”

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