Until this week, I’ve thought highly of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. After his opportunistic statement about Rush Limbaugh being divisive, though, I’m thinking that Goodell deserves a rating behind MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. At least Selig is just inept.

What’s got my ire is Goodell letting hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton dictate what the qualifications were for owning an NFL team. These people are hustlers, specializing in being parasites feeding off other people’s productivity. They’re both racists and bigots. More importantly, though, is that they’re people whose actions, misdeeds really, don’t have consequences.

Goodell says that Rush is divisive. Personally, I think that the word provocative is more fitting. Let’s stipulate for just this conversation that Goodell is right. If divisive nature bothered him that much, then it’s fair to ask what thinking, rational man would take advice from people whose biggest ‘claim to fame’ was using Tawana Brawley to accuse white cops of raping her (Sharpton) and someone who called Jews Heimie (Jackson)?

It’d take the world’s best salesman to talk people into believing that these weren’t more divisive than anything that Rush has done.

It seems that Goodell only pays attention to divisiveness if it’s coming from a conservative. It’s irritating that he didn’t think twice about accepting the advice of the two most divisive bigots/race hustlers of the Twentieth Century. What’s more is that he didn’t take his time in letting his opinion be known on Rush owning a team.

If that seems odd to you, perhaps it’s because this is totally out of character for him. When he’s dealt with the players misconduct, he’s meticulously reviewed every bit of information that might impact his decision.

Contrast that with his hurried statement on whether Rush should be part owner of the Rams. He didn’t bother checking any of the statements that Rush was accused of making. Goodell simply stated he was too divisive.

That’s what reactionary liberals typically do.

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3 Responses to “Goodell’s Disgrace”

  • walter hanson says:


    What got me was the reaction of the owner of the Colts. He gave a speech that Rush will be bad for the NFL. Let me get this straight your family can move the Colts out of Baltimore causing grief in Baltimore and force the tax payers in Baltimore to spend money to lure the Cleveland football team is morally okay?

    Yet no reporter will dare ask that question. Rush is powerful and liked because he speaks to the idea of people like us. I don’t know if I should watch the Vikings anymore if the NFL doesn’t like a radio show I listen to.

    Furthermore if Rush is racist because he said something bad about a black quarterback (what had Goodell upset) why isn’t he upset with the Vikings. After all we insulted the black quarterback that was good enough to start a playoff game by trading for a white quaterback and luring another white quarterback out of retirement. Isn’t that an insult to the black quarterback. Oh the argument will be the performance is being judge.

    Excuse me Rush was just judging the performance of Donovan year’s ago. Why is he being given grief for that. And who he was criticizing was the media not the black quarterback.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • S> Panzera says:

    Fans deserve better. Godell has failed the the fans and the players. With all the complaints regarding conduct, he has allowed the issue to become meaningless. Additionally, he has not corrected the level of officiating. It has hurt the game. He should leave.

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