Yesterday, I wrote that Sen. Baucus’s health care legislation hides the real costs by dumping the underfunded mandate in states’ laps. While writing the post, I wondered what Minnesota legislators thought of having that expense dumped in their laps. Based on this article, it’s apparent that it doesn’t bother Speaker Kelliher at all:

Margaret Anderson Kelliher, the Democratic speaker of the House, said she doubted the proposal stood much of a chance. “Most legislators are interested in improving the health of Minnesotans, and how to do more health care reform,” she said. “No one thinks the answer is a states’ rights movement.”

If, God forbid, Speaker Kelliher became Gov. Kelliher and if, God forbid again, Sen. Baucus’s legislation dumped billions of underfunded Medicaid mandates on Minnesota, I’ll bet that Kelliher wouldn’t take a passive approach to the financial mess dumped in her lap. In fact, I’d bet that she’d be mightily upset.

The thing that I haven’t heard Democrats say in this health care fight is whether the Democrats’ legislation will put too many burdens on their children. Did they bother thinking that the additional tax burden, coupled with the staggering debt service and the inflation this spending causes, will make it difficult or impossible for their children to succeed.

Think of the crushing debt load being dumped on kids in junior high and high school. Then remember that Larry Summers, President Obama’s economic advisor, predicted that there would be zero net job growth for the next 5 years.

Why hasn’t Speaker Kelliher thought about those considerations instead of thinking about reading from the same intellectually bankrupt ideological playbook as President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Baucus are reading from. It’s one thing to be a team player. It’s another thing to follow blindly without paying attention to what’s heading in your direction.

Minnesota’s next governor must provide thoughtful leadership. We can’t afford to elect someone who will blindly follow President Obama.

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  • Janet says:

    Empty suit, empty suit. That’s all he is – follow someone’s ideas, get educated in some of the most leftist programs at our universities – result? Can’t think, empty suit.

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