An LTE in this morning’s St. Cloud Times is ripping Gov. Tim Pawlenty for being an absentee governor. Shocking, I know. In his LTE, Mike Weber whines about Gov. Pawlenty creating a PAC. Here’s Mr. Weber’s whining on the subject:

“Freedom First”, what a clever name for his fundraising committee. It should bring in big money from the Tea Party, NRA and Rush Limbaugh fans. Too bad the money raised won’t be used to relieve some of Minnesota’s deficit.

It’s bad enough that Mr. Weber thinks that TEA Partygoers are all ‘hardline conservatives’. That’s been proven false numerous times. Independents and some liberal supporters of President Obama are attending TEA parties because they’re upset with President Obama’s radical agenda thus far.

I’m perfectly happy, though, to let liberals think that the TEA parties are all about hardline conservatism. They’ll find out that it’s really a protest against (a) elitist politicians ignoring the will of the people, (b) out-of-control spending, (c) massive bailouts and the government takeover of health care. Democrtas will find out next November that these issues cut across partisan lines.
It’s also getting tiring to read the daily anti-Pawlenty diatribes because they’re so mindless. The line about using the money for Minnesota’s deficit is utterly mindless. It has nothing to do with reality. It’s just another liberal wasting space to whine about Gov. Pawlenty.

Here’s Mr. Weber’s final exhortation:

For the sake of the Republican Party’s future, it’s time for the Silent Republican Majority to rein in their fringe members who still feel that political oneupsmanship is what politics is all about rather than doing anything meaningful to help this country.

Actually, the TEA party movement that Mr. Weber spoke so derisively about despises “political oneupsmanship”. TEA Party activists believe in ‘cards-on-the-table’ politics. We’ve had it with political gamesmanship. We’ve had it with politicians that think we can’t read bills, as though that takes a special skill only found in the corridors of power in Washington, DC. Following these principles will eliminate the political gamesmanship while demanding accountability from our elected officials.

It’s sad that people like Mr. Weber will play their whining liberal games without giving thought to what they’re saying. This thing has roboletter written all over it.

It doesn’t miss a single liberal whining point. (I refuse to call them talking points because they’re nothing but whining.) A smart high schooler could write something more on point without the whining.

It’s totally incoherent. Instead of picking a subject and using facts to bolster an argument, Mr. Weber chose to express his laundry list of anti-Republican whining points. There’s no focus, no attempt to persuade.

These types of roboletters might better be described as mindless activism, which has alot in common with an old ESPN favorite punch line that says “Much sound and fury, signifying nothing.” That’s all this is.

A diatribe is a terrible thing to waste.

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