John Kasich has long been known for his putting together 5 straight balanced budgets and pushing a pro-growth agenda. Now that he’s running to defeat Ted Strickland as Ohio’s governor, he’s introducing common sense plans that career politicians think of as radical:

Instead, he said, government should be run like a business, with evaluation programs to determine whether programs are needed, how they can be improved and whether they produce results. “That’s a radical idea in government,” he said sarcastically.

Unfortunately, he’s right in saying that politicians won’t think of eliminating programs that aren’t improving people’s lives. Government programs have the nasty habit of living long beyond their usefulness.

The good news is that Gov. Kasich would apply the same principles to Ohio’s problems as he brought to solving Washington’s problems. I can’t stress enough the importance of electing John Kasich to solving the nation’s economic troubles. If he’s elected, he’ll implement policies that actually will jumpstart America’s economy. He won’t only talk about stimulating the economy. He’ll actually deliver on growing Ohio’s economy.

Unlike the Vacillator-In-Chief, John Kasich won’t waver. He’ll actually keep his promises. Unlike the Vacillator-In-Chief, John Kasich doesn’t put a time limit on his promises. Unlike the Vacillator-In-Chief, John Kasich knows how to keep spending under control and create jobs.

On education, he argued that dollars should follow the student. He supports educational vouchers and charter schools as a way to put pressure on public schools so they’ll make necessary changes. “It isn’t money, it’s results, and we need to drive them,” he said. “We need more choice. We need innovation.”

The Democrats are arguing that there’s a need for a public option to give private insurance ‘competition’. While they’re making that argument, Democrats are vehemently opposed to giving vouchers to parents and children to provide competition to the government-run school monopoly. It’s something that fits into the Democrats’ do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do habits. Competition is great, Democrats say, except when their special interest allies have to compete for business.

The bottom line is that John Kasich is a true leader with a track record filled with remarkable accomplishments that created 20,000,000 jobs and brought prosperity to milions of people. John Kasich made an impact; Ted Strickland was a backbencher follower.

Things haven’t changed.

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