Once again, Rep. Michele Bachmann is right on the money. This time, she highlights the Democrats’ holding a photo-op vote so their members could say that they voted to defund the corruption known as ACORN:

Although both the House and Senate have voted to de-fund the liberal activist group ACORN, it’s unlikely such a proposal will be enacted any time soon, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) told CNSNews.com.

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid really wanted to defund ACORN, “we could have done it yesterday,” Bachmann told CNSNews.com. “It isn’t that I’m saying these votes won’t result in ultimately defunding ACORN, but right now you’ve got a vote on a housing bill and a vote on an education bill. How’s that going to come together?”

I’m totally unsurprised with the Democrats’ photo op votes. They understood that the ACORN scandal was too big to go without action. By holding these votes, they’ve temporarily inoculated themselves. What remains to be seen is whether they’ll follow through on things and actually defund ACORN entirely.

Rep. Bachmann isn’t saying that a real vote won’t happen:

“My point I’m trying to make to people is: Yes, we have a vote. Let’s make sure it’s not a CYA (cover your ass) vote,” she continued. “Let’s make sure that it’s a real vote to defund ACORN. Until it’s on a bill that actually has a chance of passing and that the president is going to sign, this allegedly criminal enterprise is going to continue.”

With Michele, it’s all about eliminating corruption, especially in this instance. This isn’t the first time Michele has taken a stand against corruption. The Club For Growth’s RePork Card gives Michele a 98 percent rating for 2009, voting 57 times in 58 attempts to strip out pork from major appropriations.

The earmark process is fraught with corruption. Just ask John Murtha, Ted Stevens and other earmark kings.

Stopping ACORN’s funding would put a nice dent in DC corruption, though I suspect many of the corruptionmongers would show up working with another K Street special interest groups. (That’s why I’m ambivalent about term limits. Clearing out DC politicians is a step in the right direction but, unfortunately, the special interests remain. They aren’t term-limited.)

That’s why it’s important to elect wave after wave after wave of corruption-fighting politicians like Michele.

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One Response to “It’s About the Corruption”

  • MNBlue says:

    Bachmann refuses to address real issues in the district, like home foreclosures and job losses and instead takes a bat to ACORN. I can tell you, I’ve never lost my home to ACORN nor have I ever been fired by ACORN, in fact, I can think of absolutely no way in which ACORN affects me on a day to day basis. Wake up Michele.
    Michele Bachmann has simply got to go! Democratic candidate Dr. Maureen Reed is running against her and she is the ticket to beating Bachmann! You can learn more about Maureen, and donate, at:

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