Last night, Jim Moran held a townhall meeting on health care reform in Reston, VA. Officially, his invited guest was former DNC Chairman Howard Dean. Unofficially, his invited guests were Organizing for America:

President Obama’s own campaign spinoff organization on Tuesday descended on a town-hall meeting in Northern Virginia, handing out hundreds of hand-painted signs that said “reform now” and “vote yes on HR 3200,” the massive health care bill tabled in the House before its summer recess.

Several workers passed out the homemade signs at the back of a high school gym shortly before a town hall featuring former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean. “The signs are from Organizing for America,” said one woman handing them out, but she would not give her name, saying, “I don’t feel comfortable doing that.”

What a stand-up bunch. They’re attending these meetings. They’re handing out signs. They’re making their voices heard. When it comes time to identify themselves, however, these cowardly Democrats won’t identify themselves by name, signifying that they know their priorities aren’t popular.

Mr. Moran sought to explain the legislation now under consideration, but was booed repeatedly. “No one will lose their health care,” he said before being drowned out by boos. “No one will be required to join the public option,” he said, breaking off as the crowd’s booing reached a crescendo.

“Liar!” someone shouted. “Shut up!” others yelled.

When he tried to explain the cost, at least $100 billion a year, some estimates say twice that, Mr. Moran declared “that cost is fully paid for.” The crowd burst out into loud laughter, again drowning out the congressman.

It’ll be interesting to see whether pushing this health care reform will prevent Rep. Moran’s re-election. I don’t have the answer to that but I’m guessing that it isn’t helping.

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2 Responses to “Astroturf Activism In Action”

  • eric zaetsch says:

    These things on both sides are tedious. Both sides are problematic. The Senate will have to do something. Then thee will be a confeence committee. If it drags into the election cycle, any Dems impeding progress will have primary challenges; and the vote will be energized. The GOP may see that it either loses in the off-year elections or enough of them bail on the ones bought by the insurance industry so that reform is passed. It looks as if the Dems stand to make more politically if they can maneuver the GOP into killing reform by a filibuster. So will the Dems go the reconciliation way, or hang the GOP out to dry until close to election time and then hang them out to dry. I expect Howard Dean would caution the Dems to not prematurely try reconciliation. That’s my guess. The rest, the townhall BS is all Kabuki theater.

    Stylized but unrealistic.

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