Last week, the DNC said that Republicans were upset that they lost the election, they lost on stimulus, etc., and that the angry mob was back to stop health care reform dead in its tracks. Conservatives like me wondered quietly whether the DNC was projecting with that last statement on what seniors could expect if ObamaCare passes.

After the DNC’s declaration, Kenneth Gladney attended a Russ Carnahan townhall event to sell “Don’t Tread On Me” flags. Instead of being allowed to sell his flags, Mr. Gladney was kicked repeatedly by SEIU thugs, injuring him so badly that he’s still in a wheelchair. (The Party of Tolerance strikes again, this time literally.)

What threat did Gladney pose to the SEIU? Kenneth Gladney didn’t even go into the meeting. He sold his flags outside the meeting hall. Pay attention America. That incident says everything about the SEIU’s priorities and methodology. The SEIU is willing to do whatever the Democratic leadership asks them to do.

It’s time that rank-and-file Democrats, the ones who are still sane and with traditional values, wake up. They’re part of a party of thugs and Blame America First types. Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel and President Obama don’t share their priorities.

Pelosi’s, Emanuel’s and Obama’s are Saul Alinsky’s beliefs. They aren’t main street America’s beliefs. In fact, I’d bet that there wouldn’t have been an Obama administration had Main Street America realized what radical beliefs that trio had.

The SEIU leadership shares those beliefs, which is why they’re in the thug business. They’re into intimidating meeting-goers and beating up black conservatives like Kenneth Gladney. They didn’t hesitate when their leaders told them to interfere with the meeting-goers’ First Amendment rights.

By the way, there’s other names for meeting-goers: constituents and their bosses. After all, Russ Carnahan, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama work for us, not vice versa. It seems that they’ve lost sight of that. It’s time that they relearned that lesson.

If I’m right, and the videos indicate I am, We The People appear more than willing to teach them lesson.

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8 Responses to “SEIU = ThugsAreUs”

  • That is weird, because the video shows that Gladney was on the ground for about two seconds, there is no one kicking him, and is seen walking around for the rest of the video. Not to mention the union member who is on the ground at the beginning of the video before Gladney ever reaches the ground. Why no curiosity about his situation? You conveniently leave some of these things out. Maybe that is why you didn’t put the video up:

  • Gary Gross says:

    Actually, I’ve watched the video. I’ve seen the bruises on his chest. These thugs & the SEIU union will be paying him a fistful of dollars after his lawsuit is settled.

  • Really, because he never takes off his shirt in the video. Evidence, please? I call bullshit…

  • Gary Gross says:

    Call it whatever you want. I don’t care.

  • eric zaetsch says:

    Gladney, isn’t he one of the multitude of poor son of a bitches, unlike you apparently, Gary, without any healthcare coverage under the status quo you appreciate? That FACT has come to light, has it not? He has his begging hat out now, for contributions, he’s unemployed and without coverage and facing medical costs he cannot pay? All true, or not?

    Of the things in the debate mix, do you disagree with any of the following:

    1- There are millions of uninsured, and thousands lose coverage weekly these days with the economy down.

    2- Costs are rising at rates that require something to be done.

    3- Private sector coverage, the insurance bloc, has adopted the widespread practice of denying coverage for preexistent conditions.

    4- Per the status quo, you lose your job the probability will be you lose [or cannot afford to continue to carry] coverage.

    5- Those having to bankrupt themselves and seek bankruptcy court relief because of medical expenses will not be underwritten by the insurance bloc.

    6- The MSNBC term for the GOP and Blue Dogs, “Insurance Agents” has a ring of truth, they are acting as the representatives of that trade bloc.

    7- The insurance bloc has spent millions on present members of the House and Senate, and since Truman’s time has stymied healthcare reform, even being vigorously against Medicare and Medicaid when those measures were enacted.

  • eric zaetsch says:

    Gary, you’ve not posted it, but I think Pelosi and Hoyer were out of line calling the organized protest effort “un-American.” In the give and take of free speech yelling has a place, (to frequently on FOX but that’s a separate debate), and while civil quiet discourse should prevail in legislative arenas a bit of public raised-voice emotion can be legitimate [as well as orchestrated and staged with that aspect of things part of the free speech debate itself].

    But Pelosi and Hoyer, with that approach they stoop to the Bachmann level of rhetoric. It is as divisive and non-productive with them as with Bachmann, it was error, and they should apologize and move on.

  • eric zaetsch says:

    In terms of “main street beliefs” I believe the Conyers bill captures that more than the compromise measure – that people in a majority want single payer, not public option. People think that little of the insurance industry, and the insurance industry has earned the disapprobation. In spades. They’ve been petty nickle-and-dime deceivers. With the nickles and dimes adding up to millions for them, grief for that massive uninsured bloc, and they and the provider community play games while the situation is falling apart.

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