Yesterday, while doing my daily reading, I noticed that the top post on Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit was a memorial to Jim’s mother Dorothy, who passed away Wednesday morning. Jim penned this moving tribute to his beloved Dorothy:

Dorothy Hoft loved God and her nine children. She loved the magnolia tree in the backyard.

My dear friend and mother passed away this evening at 10:16 PM.
She suffered a devastating heart attack 17 days ago. We put her on hospice late last week. She died at home in my arms. She was with her family.

This beautiful woman moved into my home in 2001. I was so blessed every day to watch her and care for her; to cook for her and clean for her. I was honored to serve her. I learned how to comb a woman’s hair. I learned how to help a woman put on earrings. I learned how to care for someone else. I learned how to love more.

We watched TV together. We prayed together. We laughed. She had a wonderful sense of humor. It felt good to see her smile when I came home from work, just like when she smiled at me as a child. She would sometimes sit on the porch and wait for me. I was so lucky. It was fun to have the rest of the family, her other 8 children, over for the holidays. She loved to be with her sons and daughters, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It was a blessing to care for this brilliant woman.
My life will not be the same without her.
I miss her dearly.

I don’t need to tell people that Jim is one of the best bloggers around. That’s obvious to anyone who reads his blog. As you can see from his tribute to his mother, it’s obvious that Jim is also one of the classiest, most dignified people in the blogosphere.

Follow the above link to read more about Dorothy and to express your condolences if you’re so moved.

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