Here’s Tarryl’s first fundraising appeal after officially joining the race for Michele Bachmann’s House seat:

Frankly, the thought of Tarryl talking about creating jobs is laughable. The DFL’s threats to raise taxes on small businesses, which Tarryl enthusiastically supported in the Minnesota Senate, has sent businesses fleeing the state. When Ann Lenczewski tried raising taxes on alcohol, Tom Bakk protested, saying that raising the alcohol tax would drive people into Wisconsin:

Senate Taxes Committee Chairman Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, said eliminating the current mortgage interest deduction could hurt Minnesota’s high rate of home ownership and higher alcohol taxes would drive some liquor shoppers across the Wisconsin border.

I asked then what I’ll ask now: If raising taxes on alcohol will drive consumers into Wisconsin, why won’t DFL legislators, including Tarryl, admit that raising taxes by thousands of dollars on small businesses will send those companies fleeing to South Dakota?

The DFL’s frequent refrain is that Minnesota has more Fortune 500 companies per capita than any other state in the nation. While that’s technically accurate, it’s also exceptionally misleading. The headquarters are still here but those Fortune 500 companies are expanding in other states. It’s time people called the DFL on that.

There’s a reason why the Fortune 500 argument is insignificant from a job creation standpoint. The lion’s share of job creation comes from small businesses. The DFL, including Tarryl, have repeatedly voted to raise taxes on small businesses. As a result, businesses have left the state.

Why would any small business want someone in DC who would vote to increase taxes on small businesses nationwide? It’s bad enough that Tarryl and her tax-happy DFL allies voted to raise raxes on small business during difficult economic times. It’s worse when you consider the fact that Tarryl thinks governnment is there to do “many good things.” She also believes that there’s never enough money going to it to get many good things done.

It’s time to stop the ‘Tarryl Train’ before she adds to the financial difficulties facing this nation. The last thing we need in DC is another retired lobbyist who took up elected politics. We had one of those last cycle.

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