It’s a good thing I was sitting down when I read this Strib article. If I hadn’t been sitting down, I might’ve been knocked over by a feather.

Though much of the stimulus plan was sold on the strength of road and highway investments, records released by Congress last week show that only 37 transportation and infrastructure projects were underway in Minnesota as of May 31, creating or sustaining 124 jobs.

Thank God we spent $787,000,000,000 to jumpstart this economy. Praise the Lord for all those shovel-ready jobs. Without all that money getting spent, those 124 people wouldn’t have a job right now.

Here’s where the bottlekneck is located:

To see where the hopes and realities of the mammoth federal stimulus plan intersect, look to St. Cloud. Three months after Vice President Joe Biden stopped there to promote the $787 billion spending package by visiting a plant that’s expected to supply 29 Twin Cities buses funded by stimulus cash, the deal is still moving through the federal bureaucracy.

Imagine that. The bureacracy is the bottleneck. It’s a good thing that VP Joe Biden’s on the case cuz “nobody messes with Joe.”

Simply put, that bill was never meant to jumpstart our economy. It was meant to (a) pay off the Democrats’ political allies and (b) permanently increase federal spending.

At this point, the bulk of the $4.8 billion in stimulus money slated to pass through state agencies over the next two years won’t start flowing until this week, with the July 1 start of the state’s 2010 budget year.

Let’s see. ARRA passed on Friday, Feb. 13, thanks to the Democrats flying Sherrod Brown back from his mother’s wake to cast the 60th vote. President Obama immediately signed the bill into law yet that night so that the billions of dollars could be spent so we’d avert an economic catastrophe. (That’s sorta true: Sherrod Brown was flown in from his mother’s wake.)

President Obama didn’t immediately sign the bill because he’d left Washington for a big weekend vacation with his family. He eventually signed the bill in Denver on Tuesday, Feb. 17th.

The American people should demand that the money that isn’t spent on infrastructure be rescinded from the budget ASAP.

Let’s remember that the DFL’s plan to balance the budget relied heavily on stimulus money:

DFLers are pinning much of their hope for short-term relief on a national stimulus package coming out of Washington, suggesting the money can be used to fund infrastructure and construction projects that bring immediate job opportunities.

Based on the information from this article, it’s safe to say that the DFL’s plan is fatally flawed, partially because of the ‘bureaucracy bottleneck’ that’s now being reported on. It’s fair to ask why the DFL plan relied so heavily on ARRA’s spending. The DFL railed against Gov. Pawlenty for relying on one-time money” while they’re relying heavily on one-time money to create jobs.

Thanks to the DFL’s plan, we’ve now saved or created 124 jobs while heaping millions of dollars of debt onto the next several generations. That isn’t a wise investment.

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