I didn’t think I’d live to see this but it’s now official: Democrats are the ‘Party Committed to Losing‘. In a letter to President Bush, the Democrats’ leadership wrote:

In the interests of American national security, our troops, and our taxpayers, the open-ended commitment in Iraq that you have embraced cannot and should not be sustained.

TRANSLATION: We’re quitting. We don’t have the steadfastness for unconditionally supporting democracy. We don’t have the steadfastness to unconditionally support our friends around the world.

This is proof of yet another wing of the Democratic Party, a wing we didn’t know existed. This wing might be called the ‘Quitter Wing’ of the Democratic Party. Here’s a look at the letter:

We believe that a phased redeployment of U.S. forces from Iraq should begin before the end of 2006. U.S. forces in Iraq should transition to a more limited mission focused on counterterrorism, training and logistical support of Iraqi security forces, and force protection of U.S. personnel.
Additionally, every effort should be made to urge the Iraqis to take the steps necessary to achieve a broad-based and sustainable political settlement, including amending the constitution to achieve a fair sharing of power and resources. It is also essential to disarm the militias and ensure forces loyal to the national government. Finally, an international conference should be convened to persuade other governments to be more involved, and to secure the resources necessary to finance Iraq’s reconstruction and rebuild its economy.
Mr. President, simply staying the course in Iraq is not working. We need to take a new direction. We believe these recommendations comprise an effective alternative to the current open-ended commitment which is not producing the progress in Iraq we would all like to see. Thank you for your careful consideration of these suggestions.
Harry Reid, Senate Democratic Leader
Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader
Dick Durbin, Senate Assistant Democratic Leader
Steny Hoyer, House Minority Whip
Carl Levin, Ranking Member, Senate Armed Services Committee
Ike Skelton, Ranking Member, House Armed Services Committee
Joe Biden, Ranking Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Tom Lantos, Ranking Member, House International Relations Committee
Jay Rockefeller, Vice Chairman, Senate Intelligence Committee
Jane Harman, Ranking Member, House Intelligence Committee
Daniel Inouye, Ranking Member, Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee
John Murtha, Ranking Member, House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee

The only person on that list that used to have serious foreign policy credentials is Jane Harman but she’s changed her ‘perspective’ substantially because Pelosi threatened her with not chairing the House Foreign Relations Committee if Democrats regain control of Congress. (Not that they’ll retake the House but it’s the only lever Pelosi has.)

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