In a stunning move, House Democrats have shut Republicans out of offering floor amendments to all spending legislation. Here’s the latest on this from Eric Cantor’s blog:

In a completely unprecedented fashion, House Democrats have used their power as the majority party to shut out floor amendments from the minority party on spending legislation.

Right at the beginning of the debate, House Democrats decided to go to the Rules Committee, to report out a Structured Rule and shut the House GOP out of the process.

This is an unprecedented abuse of power by the House Democrats. Every American, every American of either political party or of no party at all, ought to be deeply concerned over this action.

It isn’t a stretch to say that this is the day Speaker Pelosi changed the House in to a dictatorship. This is about her exercising total dictatorial control over the House’s proceedings.

It’s also accurate to say that the term the People’s House isn’t applicable anymore. That terminology should be immediately changed to Pelosi’s Kingdom starting ASAP. It’s obvious that the Little Tyrant By the Bay feels more comfortable with Putin’s dictatorial rule than with Jeffersonian democracy.

It’s time that we started contributing to the NRCC so that we can terminate the run of the worst speakership in our nation’s history. The Little Tyrant By The Bay has done more harm to this republic in a short amount of time than any speaker in history.

Her fingerprints are all over ARRA, the omnibus bill and President Obama’s budget, blueprint, which, when combined, have burdened more generations with more debt than any speakership in history.

She’s an utter failure. She’s a menace to our future. She’s got to go. ASAP.

UPDATE: Here’s video of Eric Cantor’s speech on the House floor:

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