From time to time, I check out various liberal websites, sometimes for a chuckle, sometimes just to shake my head at their political analysis. This week, I found something that shows their political analysis skills are woefully lacking:

Another Week in the Life of the GOP
By Ian Christy
Posted on Fri Jul 28th, 2006
Our quote of the week offers more proof that Republicans are hopelessly out of touch:
“Not too many people work at minimum wage anymore. I don’t think it gets you anywhere politically.” — Barry Bennett, chief of staff for Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) on raising the minimum wage. [Columbus Dispatch, 7/28/06]

The sad thing is that Christy thinks that raising the minimum wage is an issue that enough people think so passionately about that they’ll abandon the GOP in sufficient numbers to elect Democrats. He couldn’t be more wrong. The people that think of the minimum wage with such passion are already Democrats. That issue is what’s best described as a turnout issue, something that increases turnout of your base.

As Karl Rove says, the key to winning elections and increasing the size of the majority is in increasing the size of your base, which is what he’s worked towards daily since the day after the first inauguration. The evidence proves that Mr. Rove is the best at that task in the world. He’s about to prove it again this fall.

While Democrats are convinced that firing up the lunatic base will win them control of Congress, Ken Mehlman’s been holding outreach meetings with African Americans and Hispanics. Our own Mark Kennedy is following fast in his footsteps. That’s why he won this endorsement, a first for a Republican:

Reports indicate that the Hmong soccer tourney this weekend was both good and bad for the 2 major Senate candidates.
Mark Kennedy stole the show. He was welcomed with open arms by the Hmong leadership. He was given a glowing introduction, and by all accounts, won support from most if not all of the crowd, which was evident by the Kennedy tent being overwhelmed with people snagging up sports schedules and stickers. He even received the support of General Vang Pao, which bodes extremely well for Kennedy picking up huge support from the entire Hmong community in Minnesota.
But Klobuchar must have simply expected show up, and be given their support with out earning it. Maybe she took them for granted. But what she failed to realize is that Kennedy has been paying special attention to several immigrant communities. He spends countless hours visiting with them, listening, and addressing their concerns. Klobuchar seemed to expect to be handed the support from the Hmong community, simply for the fact she shared the same party affiliation as Senator Wellstone. The thought of having to get out and earn their support must never have crossed her mind.

This is just more proof that Republicans are paying alot more attention to minority voting blocs than ever before. That, plus a superior stand on the most important issues of the day, are what will win the day again for the GOP.

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