Minority leaders Reid & Pelosi issued a joint statement on a ‘bold, new direction’ for the country. Let’s get started with the fisking:

With the country at a crossroads, facing an historic choice between the status quo and a change in course, House and Senate Democrats today joined together to call for a New Direction for America. After years of paying the price for a Congress that has favored the special interests and enduring the failed leadership and incompetent policies of Republicans in Washington, the American people have had enough, and they want change.

Isn’t it impossible to travel in a new direction when the people who’d chair the committees have been serving in the House for half a century?

Nobody can take the ‘New Direction’ slogan seriously knowing that fossiles like John Conyers, Charlie Rangel, John Dingell, Pete Stark & Henry Waxman would chair the committees. Fossiles like Conyers, Dingell, Rangel, Stark, Waxman & Murtha are the poster children for the status quo.

Republican incompetence has put our national security in doubt and left our troops at risk.

What a pair of BS’ers. Nobody in their right mind thinks that Republicans have endangered Americans’ lives with their foreign policy beliefs. On the other hand, it’s easy to point to John Murtha’s detrimental effects on our war effort. The landscape is littered with his defeatist, almost-scandalous statements.

Failed economic polices have left the middle class working harder while making less, unable to afford the rising cost of health care, college tuition, and gasoline.

Tax increases would make life easier on the middle class? Supporting outrageous budgeting processes at colleges will slow the rate of growth in college tuition? Blocking the building of more refining capacity won’t decrease the price of gasoline. Nor will blocking the building of nuclear power plants. It’s indicative of Democrats’ thinking that Pelosi and Reid think that their poll-tested slogan will hide a plethora of disastrous policies.

“Millions of Americans across the country have had enough,” said Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today.

The only thing that “Americans across the country have had enough” of is whiny liberals telling them that the nation is going to hell in a handbasket.

“They’re tired of coming in second to Big Oil, Big Drug Companies and the radical right. They’re tired of been ignored by this Do Nothing Republican Congress, while their everyday problems only grow worse.”

I haven’t noticed a massive groundswell of people who are “tired of been ignored by this Do Nothing Republican Congress”, much less people who think that “their everyday problems only grow worse.”

“They want a new direction, and with Democrats, they’re going to get it.”

That’s the last thing they’ll get. We already know that a Democratic House will mean impeachment proceedings against President Bush over a policy disagreement. We already know that we’d see an open borders, no enforcement immigration policy.

We will unite America behind an agenda that works for all, a change in course in Iraq, affordable health care, a stronger middle class, and a belief in science and medical research. It’s time for a New Direction, and it starts today.”

So now Dean, Pelosi, Reid and Murtha are the great uniters? Right.

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