The Right Blogosphere’s anger was stirred when Bill O’Reilly declared himself the policeman of the internet. That happened when he accused HotAir of peddling hate speech based on a comment left on HA’s post about Sonia Sotomayor. The next morning, Michelle Malkin rightly stood up for her bloggers during Jon Scott’s program. That night, Bloviating Bill admitted that the offensive comment came from a commenter, not from either blogger.

That wasn’t enough for Bloviating Bill, though. During his Reality Check segment, Bloviating Bill said that it wasn’t enough for websites to say that they aren’t responsible for their comments, adding that they should police their comments like his people police his website.

That’s where Patterico’s Pontifications entered the fray:

The latest “Bill O’Reilly blog posting”:

Above: Bill O’ blog posting

Here’s the text of the “blog posting”:

NO HOMOS NO HOMOS now will the League arrest me for my right wing statement, perhaps i will be taken off the New Yuk slimes CHRISTMAS card list. what you do or dont do in your bed room is none of my business just dont tell me I am wrong if i say NO MARRIAGE FOR HOMOS NO MARRIAGE FOR HOMOS. Hay maybe you can have a vote and lose and have the courts overturn your vote. Well that cant happen in AMERICA now can it.

to any one whos name begins with an R REMEMBER NO MARRIAGE FOR HOMOS. Awaits to knock on the door from the lack of free speech AG. AND janet baby

This afternoon, Mitch and Ed interviewed Patterico during their NARN show’s final segment. They quickly called Patterico when they read his Tweet saying that Patterico’s subscription as a Bill O’Reilly premium member was cancelled:

I wish I could share today’s “ blog posting” . . . but my membership has been terminated:

Due to violations of the Terms and Conditions of attributed to your account, your Premium Membership is hereby terminated effective as of the date of this notice. The termination is final and any attempt to use the site or to renew membership either directly or indirectly will similarly result in termination and/or blocking use of the site.

I’m not sure what terms and conditions I supposedly violated. I never posted any comments (or “blog postings”) on O’Reilly’s site. All I did was quote (and screencap) two embarrassing comments from the message boards.

It’s a bit much to think that Patterico’s membership was coincidental. In fact, it’s impossible to think that his premium club membership isn’t the direct result of him exposing Bloviating Bill as a phoney.

This Monday, Bill O’Reilly owes HotAir an apology for his criticizing that great website for following the same guidelines as he does on his website. He owes another apology to Patterico for cancelling his subscription for exposing Bloviating Bill’s phoniness.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for Bloviating Bill’s apology, though. I can’t imagine that it’s his style to admit that he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

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  • eric z says:

    Keith Olberman has been calling him that for months. Does this mean you and KO agree on something?

    O’Rilley is abrasive and divisive, and critical without answers. But as long as his ratings please his owners, we have him on TV. Isn’t TV great? For the owners if not us.

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