Earlier this week, Bill O’Reilly smeared HotAir by insinuating that HA trafficked in hate speech. This is nonsense. His proof? A commenter to a post called President OBama by the name Hussein.

O’Reilly eventually offered a non-apology apology when it was pointed out that this wasn’t from Ed or Allahpundit but from a commenter. Bloviating Bill went onto say that it isn’t enough to say that comments don’t reflect the views of the website, that websites have an affirmative responsibility to police their comments.

The bad news for Bloviating Bill is that bloggers don’t take that type of bloviating sitting down. They investigate, something that Bloviating Bill only occasionally does. One such investigative blog is Patterico. Here’s what Patterico found while policing Bloviating Bill’s website:

Here’s the text of the “blog posting”:

NO HOMOS NO HOMOS now will the League arrest me for my right wing statement, perhaps i will be taken off the New Yuk slimes CHRISTMAS card list. what you do or dont do in your bed room is none of my business just dont tell me I am wrong if i say NO MARRIAGE FOR HOMOS NO MARRIAGE FOR HOMOS. Hay maybe you can have a vote and lose and have the courts overturn your vote. Well that cant happen in AMERICA now can it.

to any one whos name begins with an R REMEMBER NO MARRIAGE FOR HOMOS. Awaits to knock on the door from the lack of free speech AG. AND janet baby

It’s so refreshing to know that Bloviating Bill’s staff do such a great job monitoring the hate speech on his website. (SARC)

Seriously, Bloviating Bill’s not practicing what he preaches and his double standards while pretending to be the supreme moral arbiter makes Bloviating Bill a pinhead.

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin, Patterico, Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit have pointed out Bloviating Bill’s hypocrisy and double standards.

These bloggers are patriots for investigating Bloviating Bill’s accusations and for highlighting the fact that he’s two-faced blowhard.

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  • I know you and I have discussed this ad naseum but Bloviating Bill is only about doing what will get Bloviating Bill in good with the inside the beltway crowd. It’s that simple…..it’s all about Bill….


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