I don’t often talk on this blog about Sid Hartman’s columns but I can’t avoid talking about his latest column this time. Here’s the idiotic statement Sid made that should make him the laughingstock of the sportswriting community:

The point I’m trying to make is that, had the Twins decided to sign Hunter, and not have made the deals involving Castillo, Santana, Bartlett and Garza, they would have a lot more solid club with fewer holes in the lineup.

No shit Sherlock??? The Twins couldn’t have signed Hunter, Santana, Castillo, Bartlett & Garza. Hunter & Santana alone would’ve added $38 million to this year’s payroll, with Castillo & Bartlett adding another $8.75 million. According to this ESPN website, the Twins payroll is approximately $65,000,000.

Keeping Santana, Hunter, Bartlett & Castillo alone would’ve pushed the Twins payroll north of $110,000,000, approximately $40,000,000 more than their highest payroll ever. That’s before thinking about signing Joe Mauer, the best hitter in baseball by far, to a contract extension. Expect that contract extension to be in the neighborhood of $25,000,000 a year.

If that typical Sid boilerplate isn’t enough, then think of this:

Talking about holes, if they should lose Joe Mauer, it would be impossible to replace him.

No shit Sherlock. That’s like saying it would’ve been impossible for the Giants to replace Barry Bonds if he got injured.

Sid Hartman & Nick Coleman are (semi-living) proof positive of why the STrib is a dying newspaper.

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