3 Responses to “DFL Leadership?”

  • R-Five says:

    I think we’re making a bit too much of these last hours. Long hours, pressure, tempers, even DFL’ers are people, too.

    That said, DFL had almost five months to get this done. I think they just assumed they could buy 3 GOP votes at crunch time like last year. “We can be bought, why can’t they?”

  • J. Ewing says:

    I think the DFL assumed that the old playbook, run out the clock and throw a hail-Mary tax increase at the Governor in the last seconds, then harangue him into submission, would always work. Sorry, DFL, but you can only pull that trick a few times, and those times are up. You will now get what you have long deserved, if the GOP is smart enough to capitalize on it.

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