Tony Snow announced that President Bush will address the NAACP Convention Thursday. Darryl Fears’ Washington Post article softpedaled Julian Bond’s radical racial rhetoric but I won’t let him get away with that. Here’s what I’m refering to:

NAACP Chairman Julian Bond referred to far-right members of the Republican Party as “the Taliban wing.”

That isn’t factually accurate. Here’s proof:

Calling President Bush a liar, Bond told the audience at the historically black institution that this White House’s lies are more serious than the lies of his predecessor’s because Clinton’s lies didn’t kill people. “We now find ourselves refighting old battles we thought we had already won,” he said. “We have to fight discrimination whenever it raises its ugly head.” He referred to former Attorney General John Ashcroft as J. Edgar Ashcroft. He compared Bush’s judicial nominees to the Taliban.

Here’s what we know that:

  • Darryl Fears said that Bond referred to far-right members of the Republican Party as “the Taliban wing” and;
  • Julian Bond has compared President Bush’s “judicial nominees to the Taliban.”

Based on that information, it’s logical to conclude that Julian Bond thinks that John Roberts, Samuel Alito, William Pryor, David McKeague, Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers-Brown (the daughter of sharecroppers) are the American version of the Taliban.

Based on that information, there’s no way that reasonable people can conclude that Julian Bond is a fair-minded person. It’s easier to conclude that he’s a bigot.

It’s pretty obvious that Darryl Fears tried softening Julian Bond’s image. The only question remaining is why he tried that.

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