I just viewed a video of Gretchen Carlson’s interview of Ingrid Campbell and her daughter Mercedes. To say that it’s heartbreaking is understatement. Here’s the video of the interview:

Gretchen Carlson refers to President Obama’s quote that he’ll do “whatever helps kids.” After making that promise, though, he signed into law the omnibus bill funding the federal government for the rest of FY2009. Included in the bill was David Obey’s gift to the NEA: the dismantling of the DC scholarship program.

I said in this post that Chairman Obey’s dismantling of the DC scholarship program was proof of the liberal elitists’ soft bigotry. While thinking things through further, I’ve asked myself this question: What proof do I have that says President Obama doesn’t put unions’ interests ahead of other considerations? We know that he said that he’s for “whatever works for kids.” Still, there’s no proof that he won’t put the NEA’s interests ahead of these underprivileged children’s interests.

President Obama had numerous options after Chairman Obey loaded up the omnibus spending bill. He could’ve threatened a veto before final passage in the House or Senate, which would’ve certainly gotten everyone’s attention, most importantly David Obey’s and Nancy Pelosi’s.In fact, demanding a clean omnibus bill would’ve produced two benefits: It would’ve kept the DC Scholarship Program intact. It also would’ve given him a great opportunity to eliminate most of the 8,570 earmarks.

That would’ve been a truly major accomplishment, one which would’ve given him an immense amount of political capital. It would’ve told the markets that he was serious about keeping spending disciplined. It would’ve given him the opportunity to tout his protecting the DC Scholarship Program, too.

Another option would’ve been to tell the House that he’d only sign the bill if he got the guarantee that they’d immediately put legislation together to re-instate the DC Scholarship Program. It would’ve looked a bit messy but parents like Ingrid Campbell would’ve appreciated it immensely.

Instead, President Obama handed a union another gift. Instead, President Obama chose to essentially give these underprivileged but talented children the finger. Where I come from, that’s about as heartless as heartless gets.

As we see in this video, Mercedes was poor but she was well-spoken. The only thing that held her back were the most awful schools imaginable. The minute she was put in a stable environment, her accomplishments piled up. Mercedes now has a shot at a bright, limitless future, thanks mostly to a loving single mom but also because of this scholarship program.

The question I’ll continue asking President Obama and his liberal allies is simple: Why eliminate a program that gives children a great shot at a bright future, especially knowing that future classes of children will have to endure a subhuman school environment?

President Obama’s inaction tells me that his saying that he’s for “whatever works for kids” is just another nice-sounding line at another political rally. President Obama’s passivity tells me that he isn’t all that interested in doing what’s right for talented children who desperately need these scholarships.

That’s the mark of a morally inferior person.

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