When I read the headline to this article, I nearly died laughing. Here’s the headline:

Specter says he jumped parties based on principle

Sen. Specter wouldn’t recognize a principle if it bit him on the backside. At least he’s honest about this:

Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter said yesterday that his defection from the Republican Party was a matter of principle rather than opportunism, denied a report he had promised to be a “loyal Democrat,” and vowed to join filibusters against his new party when he believes it is wrong.

“There’s more than being reelected here; there’s the factor of principle,” Specter said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “The Republican Party has gone far to the right since I joined it under Reagan’s big tent…As the picture has evolved, I felt a lot more comfortable, as a matter of principle, with Democrats than Republicans.”

Sen. Specter is full of it. It’s insulting to hear him accuse the GOP of moving “far to the right” after watching the spending orgy that the DC GOP has engaged in over the last decade.

Only a liar who’s willing to talk down to his constituents and to this nation would make such an absurd statement.

What’s worse is that, now that he’s taking heat, Sen. Specter is telling us that he didn’t mean what he said at the press conference announcing his switch. Remember the part where he said he wouldn’t be denied re-election because the PA GOP would’ve defeated him in their primary.

What I’m betting is that Sen. Specter didn’t expect a genuine primary challenge within his new party. That’s what it’s looking like based on this:

Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA), meanwhile, said on CNN’s State of the Union that he would not be dissuaded from considering a primary run because Obama, Gov. Rendell and other top Democrats were backing Specter.

“I’m kind of disappointed in the Democratic establishment in Washington, D.C.,” Sestak said. “What I need to know is what he’s running for. If he has the right answer, so be it. We move on…I’m not sure he’s a Democrat yet.”

I’d love seeing a bloodbath on the left, with Specter getting defeated and Sestak spending lots of money to defeat Sen. Specter.

For what it’s worth, I agree with Rep. Sestak that Sen. Specter is a Democrat. Personally, I think he’s the only member of the ‘Party of Arlen’, which is totally committed to getting Arlen re-elected. Party of Arlen doesn’t stand for anything substantive. In addition, Party of Arlen members don’t have to stand for anything substantive as long as they’re willing to help him win at any cost.

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3 Responses to “That’s Insulting”

  • Shoebox says:

    Principle huh? I wonder how many principled Democrats worked to get Specter elected last go around?

    Specter has made a career of playing both ends against the middle for his political benefit. That doesn’t sound like principle to me, sounds like opportunism!

  • Gary Gross says:

    Shoe, The ‘All for Arlen Party’ Platform has 2 planks in it.

    Here’s Plank #1: It is the duty of every All For Arlen party member to do everything in their power, whether it’s savory or unsavory, to get Arlen elected.

    Here’s Plank #2: When in doubt, always remember Plank #1.

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