Last night, a dedicated reader of LFR asked me what I knew about David Fitzsimmons. I said I knew he was running for the Sixth District’s Chair job but that’s about it. This dedicated reader then told me there’s a David Fitzsimmons who’s listed as the Constitution Party’s chairman.

Not willing to accept this as fact, I googled Fitzsimmons’ name, adding the term of Constitution Party. There is a Campaign Finance Board entry listing Mr. Fitzsimmons as chair of the Minnesota Constitution Party. Unfortunately, the form doesn’t say what year it’s from. That’s why I immediately googled the Constitution Party. Their current chair is Tammy Houle.

This information led to these questions:

  • Has Fitzsimmons permanently left the Constitution Party? Or is this Mr. Fitzsimmons just seizing an opportunity?
  • Does Fitzsimmons agree with the Constitution Party’s platform? If not, what parts of it does he reject and why does he reject it?

The fact that I’m raising these questions makes me wonder whether Mr. Fitzsimmons is hiding his past. I don’t know the answer to that question. I wish I had that answer.

Considering he’s running for the position of Sixth District Chairman, I think it’s only fair that Mr. Fitzsimmons answered these questions.

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17 Responses to “Questions For David Fitzsimmons”

  • eric zaetsch says:

    Why ask, Gary? What’s the point?

    Were they ever a factor in anything, if so, for those not knowing, perhaps posting some background or links would help.

  • Cassie Mandrake says:

    Mr Zaetsch,

    There ISN’T any background. The document is admittedly undated, and could be on file with the CFB since the Constitution Party first filed back in 1999. (jump down to C)

    If this posting were “journalism,” then the author would have called an officer or a spokesperson from the Constitution Party to confirm whether or not Mr FitzSimmons has any current or recent involvement or affiliation, which he does not.

    He worked tirelessly in Wright County to return their Representatives to St Paul and continued working through the Senate recount. His energy and leadership was recognized and acknowledged in his election as Wright County Chair – for the Republican Party.

    Asking if Mr FitzSimmons “is hiding his past” is not factual, objective or investigative. It is suspicious at best and slander at worst.

    Slander (Merriam Webster) – the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another’s reputation.

    That seems to be the purpose of this posting. I will be watching for a retraction and an apology.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Cassie, Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with a different definition, that of the word QUESTION. Here’s’s definition of question:

    a sentence in an interrogative form, addressed to someone in order to get information in reply.

    Is it wrong of me for being suspicious? Is it wrong of me to want the answers to some important questions?

    FWIW, I had a conversation with Mr. FitzSimmons this afternoon. At the end of the conversation, I told him that I’m still supporting Jim & why I’m supporting him but that I thought I found his answers straightforward & informative.

    (Does that fit the definition of slander?)

  • Terry McCall says:

    Wow. This is the type of character assassination that makes people detest bloggers. Innuendo, casting shadows, raising questions, how childish; if you don’t like David Fitsimmons and you support the other guy have the balls to just say it.

    I’ve been active in the GOP since the early 1990’s. This sounds like the crap that the Arne Carlson wing would use against strong Conservatives. Did you support Arne?

    I’m not a member of the Constitution Party but if Fitsimmons was a member I’d hardly hold that against him. They have long voted with us until we backed candidates who did not vote our own platform. We should be asking CP folks to join us again not distance ourselves from them.

    Their Senate candidate got 9,000 votes in November. If Coleman had voted like a real Conservative they would not have run a candidate. Norm would be our Senator today.

  • Leon Moe says:

    Hey, if people disagree with what Mr Fitzsimmons has said or did. State your point and move on. You certainly do not need to add your selves to the growing list of people what would not make a pimple on any good American’s buttox. Or do you!!

    Leon Moe
    Life Member
    Disabled American Veterans
    and a damn proud American!!

  • Norann Dillon says:

    Mr Gross,

    This is awkward for me to respond publicly since I do not know you, but the tone of your posting does not match with my experience, and so I am compelled to reply.

    If you were interested in hearing David’s answers to your questions, why didn’t you call him ‘before’ you choose to make a public posting? If you were “suspicious,” yet you found his answers “straightforward and informative,” then this posting does not pass Justice Potter Stewart’s test for mere curiosity (know it when you see it).

    As David has been running a vigorous and open campaign for well over a month, including appearing at multiple BPOU conventions and meetings, business cards in hand, and mailing a letter to every delegate with contact information and an invitation to reach him, it doesn’t follow that you needed a public forum to ask your questions.

    There is a difference between asking a question, and questioning someone. That distinction is more nuanced than the proffered definition, but not lost on the reader.

    David is driven by the principles of our founding documents, and has consistently shown integrity. For any doubting his commitment to CD6 and the Republican Party, David is already demonstrating what he offers as Chair by appearing at BPOU meetings around the district.

    I have had the privilege to work with David FitzSimmons through the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has brought leadership and direction to our chapter. I have full confidence that he will do the same in the Sixth District.

    There’s no question in that.

    Norann Dillon
    Secretary, RLCMN

  • Gary Gross says:

    Norann, I hate to sound flippant but I don’t much care about your Stewart question. If you dislike or question me, I’ll just say it’s a free country. Believe what you want to believe. I won’t be crushed or elated either way. The sun will still rise in the east & set in the west.

  • Cindy says:

    I do know that he is a very busy man. Here is what he is involved in so far:
    Wright Co. BPOU chair
    Involved in the Conservative Counties movement
    State Chair of the liberterium movement: Republican Liberty Caucus (
    Regional Director of Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty ( Look on the right side of the page toward the bottom.
    Running for 6CD chair.

  • Rudy says:

    Self-righteous pricks like the author of this blog are what is wrong with the Minnesota GOP. Go back to the Democratic Party with Norm Coleman and Arlen Specter.

    First, however, please give me a full list of the candidates you support for party offices in the MNGOP. It will be the only litmus test I need to differentiate liberals from conservatives.

  • You should have called Mr. Fitzsimmons and asked him these questions. He is a nice guy and would probably be pleased to address any concerns you may have. In any event, I will take a former chair of the Constitution Party over a tax-increasing, stadium-supporting Neocon like Jim Knoblauch.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Actually, I talked with Mr. FitzSimmons yesterday afternoon.

    BTW, calling Jim Knoblach, the architect of the budget that balanced a $4.2 billion deficit without raising taxes, a neocon is absurd.

  • Eric – Why not ask? If it avoids a situation like we had in SD35 a few years back (where the chair and the deputy chair used the BPOU’s money on an UNENDORSED candidate to the detriment of the endorsed candidate) it is well worth the effort.

    Cassie – since when did ASKING a clarifying question become slander. I think you are a little overly sensitive here.

    To every one else – I wish to no end that the Republican Party would get BACK to Constitutional principles. I have my concerns about a few Constitution Party principles but not badly enough to rule out voting for any of their candidates. HOWEVER, I do think that the questions are valid for someone who has left one party and is now running for an elected position in another. It is called doing ones DUE DILIGENCE – something that more voters in this country need to be doing. Maybe if you all did that instead of just reacting we could all learn more about one another – instead of creating further division…

    Oh and Jim Knoblach a NEO-CON?????? Puhleese Nathan. Have you paid ANY attention to politics PRIOR to the stadium debate? Or is that the only issue you care about?


  • SRM says:

    The Lady Logician said:
    ‘HOWEVER, I do think that the questions are valid for someone who has left one party and is now running for an elected position in another.’
    Hm, Coleman jumped from DFL to the GOP, but kept his liberal views. No due diligence there. McCain thought about going Dem in 2000, and is a liberal. I’d much rather have a former conservative CP chair than a liberal any day.

    Cindy said:
    ‘State Chair of the liberterium movement: Republican Liberty Caucus (’
    Um, the RLC is not a liberterium movement. (I can only assume you meant libertarian.) Republicans used to believe in liberty (personal freedom). Read the compact.

    ‘Involved in the Conservative Counties movement.’
    Who is the MNCCM?
    The Minnesota Conservative Counties Movement was founded in 2007. Charter members are from several BPOU counties with some of the highest Republican voting percentages in the State. Pretty awful stuff there, and time consuming. One meeting a month.

    I recall a recent BPOU convention in which some of the candidates running for positions had a pretty long list of things they were involved in.

    Luckily, David can walk and chew gum at the same time. If it needs to get done, David will get it done.
    And he won’t go on vacation a week before the elections.

  • SRM said:
    Hm, Coleman jumped from DFL to the GOP, but kept his liberal views. No due diligence there. McCain thought about going Dem in 2000, and is a liberal. I’d much rather have a former conservative CP chair than a liberal any day.

    Some of DID ask those questions of both McCain and Coleman – if you had read these pages before this you would know that! Some railed MIGHTILY against nominating both Coleman and McCain and we were roundly ignored. That is not going to keep us from continuing to ask. It is the wise thing to do – to ask questions and not back down from the critics who try to prevent you from asking….


  • SRM says:

    I know many railed against Coleman and McCain, only to be ignored. That is part of the problem. The grassroots are being ignored.
    My point was, why is the party ok with liberals coming in, but question someone from an even more conservative party than the GOP?
    Many young people start out as Dems, and as they get older, become conservative, and switch parties. (Although some of these people still vote liberal.) ;)
    The CP was started by people disenfranchised with the GOP leaning to the left. If these people want to come back home to help the GOP get back on track, why are we up in arms about it? We need conservatives, not moderates.
    Asking questions IS good, and necessary, but I do think facts should be checked first. Going straight to the source is usually the first, and best thing to do.

  • eric z says:

    My first comment led this thread?


    Who cares?

    I think it was the most trenchant thing said in the comments.

    Now Ron Paul’s website is touting victory in MN 6 leadership matters and Triple-A is unhappy with an internal GOP vote, but happy with his improved weapons skill.

    And at the other end of the zoo another IP individual wants to challenge that one IP individual who co-opted the DFL MN 6 poobahs last cycle, so she can co-opt them this cycle.

    A zoo.

    Each of the three parties has earned the “MN 6 respect” it gets. Mark Olson and Mary Kifmeyer, Tink the Revolving Door, it will not be soon enough that redistricting kills that Gerrymandered monster thing Ventura created to give his pal Barkley a chance to win an election, which he did not do.

    The Sixth District, Michele Bachmann’s district, has a Rep who so far from much of what I have seen reflects its wisdom and class.

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