I spent Wednesday night watching FNC’s coverage of the Tea Parties. The primary event locations were Atlanta and DC. Wednesday afternoon, Neil Cavuto did his show from Sacramento, CA. It was there that Mr. Cavuto made an important observation.

What Mr. Cavuto said was that these rallies weren’t only about taxes, that they were driven as much by people feeling that their money was being spent on low priority items or on pork. That’s something I agree with but it isn’t the only subplot to these rallies.

While it’s true that these rallies had alot of things that conservative could rally around, there were lots of things that appeal to John Q. Public, too. Anti-bailout signs were plentiful at the St. Cloud rally. Anti-stimulus bill signs were plentiful, too. In fact, I saw signs mocking Congress for voting for the stimulus bill without reading it.

Two messages came from these events, with equal amounts of passion. Both were directed at Washington. One of those messages was that We The People are upset that legislators vote on bills spending hundreds of dollars that they didn’t bother to read. People are telling legislators that they demand they do their job, including doing their due diligence.

Another message that we sent to Washington and to our political leaders was that it was time that they shut up and listen to us for a change. I’m not expecting this to change overnight. I’m not that naive. I expect people to start listening after large numbers of incumbents who voted for the bailouts and the stimulus bill get ushered into early retirement.

The first rule of getting the politicians’ attentions is defeating his allies. A politician’s first instinct is their re-election instinct. Harnessing the energy from yesterday’s event hinges on core principles.

If we’re a country of people that believes government should listen to We The People rather than government dictating to us, that will be a great first step in harnessing the energy from yesterday’s events.

If we decide that we’re a country of people that thinks that Washington listening to us is a demandment rather than a quaint notion, that’s a major step in the right direction.

If we decide that we’re a country of people that thinks that the Founding Fathers said what they meant and meant what they said, that’s another major step in harnessing the energy from yesterday’s event.

If you’re interested in continuing the fight that started with the stimulus bill, that accelerated with the introduction of this year’s bailoutmania and that continues with politicians not listening to us, leave a comment at this blog.

If you’re fighting mad and want to help change this nation, the ball’s now in your court.

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7 Responses to “Tea Party Afterthoughts”

  • Walter Hanson says:


    One reason why Neil picked California is because California is such sad shape. Those people have been victimized by sales tax increases the return of high car taxes because their spending is out of control.

    Everybody says they want to invest in Minnesota. Take a look at what the investments (much higher taxes) have done to California.

    California is the warning sign. Democrats might start losing big there in 2010 at the rate things are going. And keep in mind Arnold is technically a liberal democrat!

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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