Having just returned from St. Cloud’s Tea Party, the best way to summarize the event is simple:


I went to the event figuring that 200 people would’ve constituted a good event. We didn’t just surpass that figure; we shattered that amount. Ine of the last estimates I heard from someone who wandered through the crowd was that there were “easily over 400 people” in attendance. A later figure put it closer to 500 than 400.

While that’s astonishing in its own right, that only tells part of the story. I manned a table collecting signatures of people who attended the event and who wanted to be notified of future events. Saying that business was brisk at that table is understatement.

After people dispersed to wave their signs on St. Germain St. & Division, I spoke with KNSI radio talk show host Dan Ochsner about the event. Dan asked me if I knew which organizations were involved. I told him that I didn’t know. We agreed, though, that today’s turnout was a true grassroots event, that it wasn’t organized. This was a We The People-, Main Street oriented-event.

Outside of Dan and former House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jim Knoblach, there weren’t alot of high profile speakers at the event. That didn’t mean much to the assembled crowd, though. If we could’ve harnessed the energy in that crowd, we would’ve lit every lightbulb in St. Cloud for a week.

It’ll be interesting to see how big the crowds are at today’s high profile events. I won’t be surprised if they’re substantially bigger than they’re forecasting.

It wouldn’t be accurate to say that people didn’t bring a feisty attitude to the event. It is accurate to say that people were respectful and, more importantly, passionate about their anti-bailout, low taxes, pro Second Amendment, limited government beliefs.

UPDATE: My friend Leo has a great read on Wednesday’s Tea Party rally in St. Cloud. Follow this link to read Leo’s observations and take in the pictures he took at the event. It’s great reading.

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