Salena Zito just posted this news on her Forty Fourth Estate blog:

Several Republican conservative fundraisers have approached Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey to ask her to consider a primary run against Sen. Arlen Specter.

Sources confirm they have offered to help her raise money.

One strategist said of the close-door meeting the conservative group was particularly impressed that when Irey went up against Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Johnstown, in the 2006 midterm primaries, she was able to raise between $300 to $400K online.

Diana Irey’s biggest problems in 2006 were fundraising in general and PA-12’s willingness to be bought off by John Murtha’s corruption machine. It wasn’t that she didn’t inspire loyalty and it definitely wasn’t that she wasn’t a great campaigner.

She’d be the type of fresh face and conservative voice that private donors, the RNC and the NRSC could rally around. It’s also worth noting that she’s the type of conservative that would play well in Pennsylvania’s T, which is where Republicans have to do well to win.

I haven’t heard that Ms. Irey has agreed to jump into the race but I’ll definitely monitor the situation.

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5 Responses to “Irey Being Courted to Challenge Specter”

  • Walter Hanson says:


    If I read this right it said she ran against Murtha in the Democrat primary. Doesn’t that make her a democrat or did you get something wrong in your reporting?

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    Walter, Diana Irey ran against Murtha in the GENERAL ELECTION.

    Now she’s being recruited to run against RINO Specter in the PA GOP primary.

  • walter hanson says:

    yeah, but the line began one stregist … and at the end has this line “when Irey went up against Rep John Murtha in the 2006 midterm primaries”

    To run against Murtha in the primary meant she ran as a Democrat unless PA has a weird open primary I’m not aware.

    Thus you have to leap until you correct the typo that she ran as a Democrat. Anybody is better than Specter. Any chance we can talk Rick Santorum to run again?

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • eric z says:

    Walter and Gary – Between the lines inference, and the “being recruited to run against RINO S;ecter in the PA GOP primary,” language suggest GG has an opinion against Specter.

    That’s much like what conservative Jim Abeler, my Rep. in the Minnesota House, encountered in his district; except the opponent was not an established political operative.

    But the other guy lost big-time, and Abeler had an easy reelection.

    That raises two possibilities; sniping at Specter and losing making the hostilities within the GOP greater rather than unifying things; and possibly shifting Specter to Liberman-like stature, and the question of if he goes that way who will he vote for on organizing.

    With the filibuster-proof majority a vote away, once Franken is seated, can the GOP realistically risk that?

    And, Coleman will not be seated. It will not happen on any post-recount litigation. Also, if there’s a runoff Nasser Kazeminy and Norm could end up sharing a prison cell, if there was any quid pro quo, while the Stevens precedent on unreported gifts remains. It seems the only reason that’s been back-burner is that if/when Franken is seated it will be largely moot. But if it remains live it can go front-burner, and Norm may get burned.

    Walter & Gary – any thoughts about all that?

  • walter hanson says:


    First of all if the judges do their job they will have to start throwing out a lot of franken votes (the minneapolis votes for which there are no ballots), double counted ballots, remedying districts where there are more us senate votes than people who the judges said voted. Coleman wins if all the fictional franken votes start getting tossed.

    To be honest Eric the reason why Coleman had the tight race he had was because he was catering too much to the left. Not wanting to drill for oil (Franken was going to give that anyway), spending too much money, etc. In part he was listening to those consultants who said he had to move left to win. Unfrotunately, it cost him enough conservative votes to win. On the recount ballots there were a lot of people who voted for Mccain and crossed over to vote Franken. You don’t get those type of votes unless conservatives were mad at Coleman for being too liberal.

    As for Specter in 2004 the NRSC invested millions in the primary to help him. That along with them helping that Democrat in Rhode Island pretending to be a Republican caused the conservatives not to want to support the NRSC anymore.

    Specter will have the problem in 2010 that every single Republican in the state will know he sold his vote for a couple of billion of dollars. That might work for Democrats, but it hurts with Republicans.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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