Dr. Julian Marshall stepped in it yesterday when he testified on behalf of a bill that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This video of Dr. Marshall’s testimony illustrates where he lost his credibility:

Here’s what the Strib reported about this incident:

During a presentation Tuesday related to a bill to reduce carbon emissions and the number of miles vehicles in Minnesota are driven, Dr. Julian Marshall of the University of Minnesota displayed a digital slide containing two versions of the historic ad.

The original ad is an illustration of a man driving a convertible and bears the slogan “When you ride ALONE, you ride with Hitler! Join a car-sharing club TODAY!” — the idea being that a failure to conserve resources was aiding the German dictator, who was shown riding in the passenger seat.

To her credit, Sen. Julianne Ortmann took exception with this foolish, over-the-top stunt. Dr. Marshall’s presentation was amateurish. It apparently was offensive, too.

I don’t doubt but that Dr. Marshall feels strongly about saving the planet. I’m equally confident that he’s perfectly willing to use whatever amateurish stunts or gimmicks at his avail to win the arguments.

Unfortunately for him, Dr. Marshall didn’t make more effective use of science in his presentation. Then again, it’s difficult putting together a scientific argument for manmade global warming.

Let’s hope he’s more polished and less offensive if he’s called to testify about anything ever again.

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