First, Tim Geithner either was too lazy, too incompetent or too crooked to pay his taxes. (Personally, I’m going with the too crooked option.) Now it’s being learned that Tom Daschle didn’t pay his taxes either:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former Sen. Tom Daschle, picked by President Barack Obama to lead the administration’s health reform efforts, recently filed amended tax returns to report $128,203 in unpaid taxes and $11,964 in interest, according to a Senate document obtained by The Associated Press.

The White House acknowledged Friday that “some tax issues” had emerged in connection with the nomination, but a spokesman said the president is confident the former Senate Democratic leader will be confirmed as the new health secretary.

Daschle filed amended tax returns for 2005, 2006 and 2007 to reflect additional income for consulting work, the use of a car service and reductions in charitable contribution deductions. He filed the returns after the announcement that Obama intended to nominate him to head the Health and Human Services Department.

Most of the additional taxes resulted from unreported income from the use of a car service provided him by a close friend and business associate. The unreported income for that service totaled about $250,000 over the three years.

Daschle had unreported consulting income of $88,333, in 2007. He also had reductions to charitable contributions totaling about $15,000 over the three years covered, according to the Senate Finance Committee document. The document, marked “Confidential Draft,” is a committee statement concerning Daschle’s nomination.

President Obama said that there wouldn’t be lobbyists in his administration. I wish he would’ve told us that he’d fill his cabinet with tax cheats instead. How does a person forget $88,333 in consulting income? Did the company that hired him forget to send out a 1099 that year? Even if they did, why didn’t Sen. Daschle follow up with that organization to correct things?

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