This afternoon, I participated in a blogger conference call with Sen. David Hann. King Banaian, Andy Aplikowski and Derek Brigham were the other invited bloggers. Sen. Hann spoke first. Initially, Sen. Hann focused on Gov. Pawlenty’s budget. After focusing on that, Sen. Hann focused on the DFL’s intention of not putting their own budget plan together. That’s when we made aware of this YouTube video:

Here’s a partial transcipt from the video:

Reporter: “But are you [Senate DFL Caucus] going to come out with an alternative budget?”

Clark: “No. We’re going to work off the Governor’s budget and go through the process…”

One of the questions I asked Sen. Hann was whether the DFL’s unwillingness to put their own budget proposal together proved that the DFL wasn’t the party of priorities or prosperity. Sen. Hann immediately said that the DFL’s not putting together their budget targets was proof that they didn’t want to publish their priorities. Sen. Hann later released this official statement n the subject:

“The DFL majority has completely ducked their responsibility by pointedly refusing to produce a plan addressing Minnesota’s budget deficit. They have instead chosen to offer a continuous chorus of complaints about the decisions Governor Tim Pawlenty has made, no doubt hoping the people of Minnesota will be lulled into giving the DFL a pass on the most important task they face; to govern.”

We won’t accidently stumble into prosperity. People have to establish a path to prosperity. Establishing a pathway to prosperity means setting intelligent priorities.

Thus far, the DFL hasn’t proven that they’re interested in setting intelligent priorities that lead to prosperity. They seem disinterested in laying out their vision on acheiving prosperity. In fact, they’re pinning alot of their hopes on the stimulus plan that’s slowly stalling in Congress. That isn’t govering. That’s following. A cynical person might say that it’s wishing and hoping that someone bails them out so they’ll avoid making difficult decisions.

Followers come a dime a dozen. It isn’t difficult to find followers. Finding a leader, though, is a time-consuming effort.

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2 Responses to “DFL Leadership Team Refuses to Lead”

  • J. Ewing says:

    With the federal porkulus bill now standing at 42% approval in the polls and dropping fast, maybe the DFL ought to face reality. Oops, I forgot. The DFL doesn’t DO reality, just politics. Why do your job when you can just snipe at the way a Republican is doing his?

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