I’ve been harping all weekend that the bill currently being touted as the salvation of our economy isn’t anything of the sort. Now people are joining the chorus. People like Jennifer Rubin:

The notion of a bipartisan, pro-growth stimulus plan that could pay for some much needed infrastructure was appealing to many Americans. Even Republicans skeptical of the entire Keynesian premise were willing to go along with the deal if they could get some private sector help and some needed spending on national defense. But what has emerged from the clutches of Nancy Pelosi is a grab-bag of liberal special interest group goodies, welfare disguised as “tax relief” and precious little of long term value to the country.

Charles Krauthammer isn’t buying it either:

Look, this is one of the worst bills in galactic history. It’s not only on the timing of it, as we saw from the Congressional Budget Office, more than half of the infrastructure stuff with the bridges and roads will not be spent until two years hence when the recession will be likely over or coming out of it, and it will only add to inflation, not jobs.

And it’s the content of this. We heard earlier in Major’s report, a third of a billion for contraception, a billion to states to help them collect child support, nursing training–all this is worthy, but it ain’t stimulus.

If you look at what was left behind after last year’s stimulus, $160 billion, it didn’t have any effect on the economy. It left nothing behind. This bill has a fifth of a billion for grass at the Jefferson Memorial. FDR left behind the Hoover dam and Eisenhower left behind the interstate highway system. We will leave behind, after spending $1 trillion, a dog run in East Potomac Park.

Leave it to Mr. Krauthammer to put things that succinctly. Saving the best for last, here’s Ms. Rubin’s finest observation in the entire article:

And on a political level, the Democrats have given Republicans every reason to oppose the bill and no reason to support it. As a result the “bipartisan” stimulus will be the Democrats’ bill.

It’s refreshing to see conservatives growing a spine instead of crumbling before The Unifier. If Republicans stop free-spending ways, they’ll pick up seats in 2010.

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