The Lady Logician has tracked down an article that paints a pathetic picture of the Canadian health care system. She’s posted her thoughts about the Canadian health care system here. Here’s the appalling truth about the Canadian health care system:

Emergency room waiting times at some Ontario hospitals are prompting seriously ill people to walk away, sometimes with fatal results, health officials say. Dr. Sean Gartner says 11 per cent of the people who came to the emergency room at his hospital in Guelph last month ended up leaving without receiving treatment.

A few months earlier, Gartner said an elderly man who left after he became tired of waiting was later found dead.

In February, Patricia Vepari, a 21-year-old engineering student, arrived at a Kitchener hospital emergency room with a fever, sore throat and nausea. Facing an eight-hour wait, she decided to go home, where she died of an infection.

A little less than a year ago, Tarryl Clark held a health care forum at the Whitney Senior Center. After the panelists gave their brief presentations, a woman stood up to defend the Canadian health care system. Here’s what she said:

“The doctors are wonderful. You get good care. And it just makes me mad when they talk about how they have to come over here to get good care & that’s not true.”

“Now they say that Canadians have to come over here for good treatment. Well don’t you believe it. Don’t you believe it one bit. That government is so good to all its people. I don’t care if you’re rich or poor. They take care of you. And so many of the people come & they talk crap about how awful their system is. Well, don’t you believe it. Single payer is wonderful if it’s run right.”

The article above tells me that the story this woman told is a bunch of BS. People walking out of ER’s and dying isn’t anybody’s idea of getting “good care” nor does it prove that “The doctors are wonderful.”

After Ms. Linus’ statement, Sen. John Marty made this comment:

We need to think of health care like a community need, just like the police department or fire department.

My question for Sen. Marty is simple: When a person calls the fire department to report a fire at their home, isn’t it typical that the fire department immediately dispatches a truck to extinguish the blaze? Based on that article, it can’t be said that Canadian physicians don’t alway operate with an appropriate level of urgency.

Based on that article about Canada’s health care system, shouldn’t we avoid Canada’s health care system like the plague? Perhaps it’s better said that Canada’s health care system is something we should avoid like we’d avoid their ER’s.

The disturbing part about the Ontario ER story is that it isn’t an isolated incident:

Health officials say a man who died in the waiting area of a major Winnipeg hospital’s emergency department may have been dead “for some time” before medical staff was alerted, 34 hours after he arrived.

The 45-year-old arrived by taxi at the Health Sciences Centre around 3 p.m. Friday from the Health Action Centre, a community health centre in central Winnipeg, where he had an earlier appointment, officials said.

Based on these deaths, it isn’t a stretch to say that reports that Canadian “doctors are wonderful” and that “you get good care” in Canada are more myth than fact.

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