If ever we needed proof that manmade global warming was real, one need only look at these pictures:

Check out this headline for proof that MMGW is the real thing:

Frigid Storm Closes California Freeways, Drops Snow in Malibu

If that isn’t proof enough, then check out the information from this article:

It is being called the snowiest December that Las Vegas has ever seen. Officially, 3.6 inches of snow were recorded making it the biggest snowstorm to hit Las Vegas since 1979.

The snow did cause some major problems around the valley bringing traffic to a standstill and causing numerous flight cancellations stranding hundreds of air passengers. Flights resumed Thursday morning. can check with Flight Tracker for the latest information on flights in and out of McCarran International Airport.

The heavy snow also caused some damage around the valley by snapping trees and collapsing carports. For the first time since the 1979 storm, The Clark County School District closed all of its schools and Nye County followed suit. Dozens of private schools were also closed.

Schools are shut in downtown Vegas after 3.6″ of snow fell? What a bunch of wimps. Sen. Coleman would get a hearty laugh from that. One of his standard lines during his stump speech was that when the temp hits freezing, the standard reaction of most Minnesota men would be to finally button the top button on their flannel shirts.

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