According to this Strib article, the T’Wolves have fired Randy Wittman as their head coach. Kevin McHale is replacing him. Here’s what the Strib’s Jerry Zgoda is reporting:

The Timberwolves fired head coach Randy Wittman this morning and replaced him with Vice President of Basketball Operations Kevin McHale, but the big news out of Target Center is that McHale will relinquish his front-office duties to concentrate on coaching. Owner Glen Taylor and McHale will announce the changes at a 2 p.m. Target Center press conference today.

It is not yet known if assistant general manager Fred Hoiberg, who was being groomed as McHale’s successor, will take over the team’s basketball operations on a permanent basis.

I’d doubt if this is the end of the shakeup. Since the T’Wolves made the Western Conference Finals, they’ve been a team without a clue. They’ve missed the playoffs every year since then. They’ve made God-awful trades that drained them of talent. They’ve made poor use of their draft picks. in fact, they’ve shown an indifference to improving through the draft.

They’ve given outrageous contracts to such players as Troy Hudson, Marko Jaric & Trenton Hassell. In fact, they traded Sam Cassell & a first round pick to the LA Clippers for Jaric. When I first heard about the trade, I thought for sure the T’Wolves were getting the pick. When I read the details of the trade, I was furious.

In short, they’re the opposite of the Twins, who’ve remained highly competitive by drafting well & by making smart trades.

I suspect that McHale’s career with the T’Wolves will end when the regular season ends. He’s a HoF player but he’s been terrible as the T’Wolves’ GM. It’s time for the T’Wolves to right their ship. I’m convinced that that can’t happen with the current front office.

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2 Responses to “The Shakeup Starts”

  • walter hanson says:


    The problem is the GM and the owner which messed this team up for years. It didn’t help that Stephon M. but a jinxed on this team with the trade he forced them to make which ruined the careful plan of building a team with Kevin and Stephan

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • eric z. says:

    Aside from drafting Garnett, there’s been consistent mediocrity. But, Kobe is not going to push to switch teams to come here, either.

    Lakers & Celtics appear to be same old stuff, with a few years off.

    McHale’s biggest problem, I have seen that limp, he is not going to suit up and play defense. That means nobody will.

    As to coaching, Avery Johnson would be good, and available, and Paul Silas should be brought in to work with the big men on positioning for rebounding, etc.

    Silas could not jump but led the league in rebounding. I don’t know however if that’s coachable.

    But Tubby has the Gophers playing defense and they’ve got a center, Iverson, who looks to be quick on his feet, and Ralph Sampson III.

    And Al Nolan is good on the point.

    Gophers will have the better season of the two b-ball teams.

    Think of the McHale teams – if he’d kept from pulling the trigger, Ray Allen, not Marbury departing, Garnett still here, Brandon Roy, and A.J. Mayo.

    Instead — Danny Ainge picked his pocket using the Wolves as if they were Waste Management.

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