My appreciation for Fritz Knaak is growing daily. This post on the Political Animal is a great illustration why I appreciate him.

Throughout the recount, the Franken count has had Franken looking better than the counts that don’t include any challenged ballots. Yesterday, when the vote gap appeared to be 344 votes, to Coleman’s advantage, the Franken campaign reported that Coleman was up by only 50 votes.

And today, when the gap using Secretary of State numbers appears to be 303 votes, to Coleman’s advantage, Franken campaign attorney Marc Elias says Franken is leading in the recount by 22 votes. It’s the first time Franken’s folks have claimed a lead since the start of a recount.

Fine, said Coleman campaign attorney Fritz Knaak, We’re ahead by 2,200 votes. “I have no evidence for this,” he said at a news conference. But no matter, “I like the sound of it so here it is.”

The Franken campaign’s claims aren’t credible. The vast majority of their challenges have been frivolous. That’s the official term. I’d rather call them ridiculous, insulting or absurd.

Knaak’s statements mocked Team Franken’s claims by using absurdity to highlight Team Franken’s absurdity. That’s a time-tested tradition that’s served people well.

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  • marchmoon says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the Frankenmath to just assume that all challenges will be resolved per the election judge’s original determination? That seems a more credible starting point than excluding all the challenged ballots.

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