Michelle Malkin and Gateway Pundit have posted on the McCain aides trashing Sarah Palin story. I have a theory about what’s happening with that.

It’s my theory that these trashtalking Palin-bashers are the same people that kept trying to undermine McCain’s campaign by having Sen. McCain pick Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge. I further suspect, though it’s just a hunch, that some of these gutless cowards anonymous sources are former Romney staffers that migrated to McCain’s campaign. These gutless cowards should be discounted because they’re either RINO’s, sore losers or elitist snobs.

They should be part of the coming purge. After talking with several reputable bloggers, both here in Minnesota and across the nation, I’m more convinced than ever that our first priorities must include getting rid of the Beltway strategists who are afraid of their own shadow. They’re too prevalent. If we want a healthy, vibrant GOP, we need people who aren’t backstabbers like these gutless cowards trash-talkers. We need visionary leadership. We need leadership that listens first and acts second.

The gutless cowards strategists and staffers that are trashing Gov. Palin don’t appreciate the impact she had on this year’s election. McCain’s fundraising skyrocketed. Volunteerism soared. Does anyone think that 80 million people would’ve tuned in for the vice presidential and presidential acceptance speeches if not for Sarah Palin? Let’s get serious. There might’ve been 40-45 million viewers combined for those speeches had it been McCain and Romney.

While I don’t agree with Gov. Palin 100 percent of the time, I certainly agreed with her 90 percent of the time. She’s articulate. Her connection with voters was as unprecedented as were the crowds that attended her rallies. I’d bet the ranch that 70 million viewers wouldn’t have tuned into the VP debate if not for Gov. Palin.

The elitist wing of the GOP hates her because she isn’t the least bit interested in their opinions. They also hate her because of her self-confidence. The Beltway pundits and strategists don’t like the fact that she isn’t a poll-driven, finger-in-the-wind politician.

When the dust settles and cooler heads analyze the data, it’ll be clear that Gov. Palin was the best possible choice for Sen. McCain’s running mate.

It’s that obvious.

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32 Responses to “I Have a Theory On the Palin-Bashing”

  • Carole says:

    It seems to me that Sarah Palin is what kept McCain in the race–and that he came through with 46% of the popular vote is nothing short of amazing with the MSM serving the ONE as his personal PR machine.

  • Dan Maloney says:

    Sarah Palin was a godsend for this campaign, about the only thing that could have saved it.

    Many people were unhappy with John McCain. His past actions, his liberal tendencies, his ability to piss off conservatives with every speech.

    Sarah Palin changed that for many of those because they saw a future in her. Maybe it wasn’t enough, but it was way more than any other selection could have done.

    She performed admirably under the worst media/democrat abuse ever heaped upon a candidate. She comes away holding her head high because she has to know, as we do, that she gave her all, and then some, to this campaign.

    There can be no one who has not drunk the media Kool Aid who can think anything different. If you are dependent on the MSM for your views on conservative candidates you have no business being in any position in the Republican party.

  • MarkJ says:

    Absolutely dead on. I’ve never volunteered for a political campaign before, and Sarah Palin is the reason why I got involved this year.

    Purge these backstabbing jerks as quickly as possible. If they want to stay in politics, let’em go knocking on The Anointed One’s door. I’ve sure he’ll have some entry-level positions available.

  • mike123 says:

    After McCain Fiengold, Amnesty, and $700B of Socialism, there was no way that I would have voted for McAmnesty. Sarah was the sole reason that I did. I was hopeful he’d fill his cabinent with people like her.

    Obama doesn’t scare me. His approach will be no different that W’s. Big government socialism.

    I read a joke on the internet that explained alot to me … George Bush came to office as a social conservative. He turned out to be a conservative SOCIALIST.

    Want to know why Reps are so disrespected? When things got tough the first solutions jettisoned were the conservative solutions. Republicans are not conservatives, they are democrat-lite.

  • Gary Ogletree says:

    I had been hoping Palin and Biden would get picked. Amazed that John was that sharp and Barry that stupid. First thing I sent $90 to campaign, first time I ever sent a Repulican a dime, first time I ever voted for a Repulican, did the whole ticket (somehow we have great R candidates in OK). I don’t believe the smears Campaign Carl gave credence to and reported last night on Fox. A low point for good ol’ Carl. After all, it’s The Queen who curtsies when she meets Sarah Palin.

  • Kathy says:

    Whenever I saw Mitt Romney on TV, he was defending Sarah Palin . . . unlike many, many other Republicans who thought she was unprepared and unqualified to be on the ticket.

    I’m also not aware of any of Romney’s staffers serving in senior roles in the McCain campaign.

  • austintx says:

    One thing I know for sure: Sarah Palin brought this former life-long Democrat to the Republican Party. Once my mind was opened to conservative thought by the Palin pick, I will never go back! Thank you, Sarah Palin, and thank you conservatives, for not being afraid of women!

  • speedstan says:

    Sarah Palin may be far from perfect, but she handled herself quite well for being pulled from the political backwaters to the front lines, DESPITE the efforts of the McCain camp, which ran one of the more pathetic campaigns of recent note.

    Regarding the embarrassing efforts and performance of the GOP, and their criminal incompetence in misusing, then losing control of the Executive Branch AND Congress in the last 4 years, there seems to be a fundamental contrast between the way that liberals and conservatives view war and politics. Conservatives treat politics the way liberals treat war, and vice versa. Conservatives seem to have no problem in believing that the way to win a war is by going all-out, soundly defeating the enemy, and getting it over with, but when it comes to politics, it seems that most of them are way too squeamish to pull off the gloves, roll up their sleeves, and confront their opponents. OTOH, the same liberals who want to appease and negotiate with the enemy during times of war have no problem with manning the trenches and fixing their bayonets in a political campaign. Liberals are quick to disarm at the end of every conflict, but never give up their political efforts. Will the feeble mainstream Republicans ever figure that out, and are conservatives going to depend on that for their own political survival?

  • dad29 says:

    Some other commentators have guessed that the Jeb Bush people are also involved in Palin-Bashing.

  • Freealonzo says:

    No doubt that Romney supporters and maybe Jeb Bush supporters are pushing some of the anti-Palin stuff but come on guys (and gals) she just wasn’t qualified to become VP. Once the American public (not just the small conservative crowd) got to know Palin that’s when her numbers came tumbling down.

    Sure she energized the base but under that criteria, Al Gore should have had Paul Wellstone as his running mate. That would have energized the Dems, but would have it made for a good VP candidate?

    Ask yourself this question. If Palin had been a Democrat and had as much experience, demonstrated as little knowlegde about issues as the real Sarah Palin, gussied up her family in DNC-purchased fancy clothes, what would your reaction have been?

    Believe me, Democrats go to bed each night praying Republicans nominate Sarah Palin in 2012.

  • Nonce says:

    You’re delusional. She’s not qualified to run anything, much less the country, and thank God, many Americans saw that.

    But by all means, keep pumping her up — it only serves to highlight the disaster that the GOP (my party, BTW) has become.

  • Okay says:

    She’s articulate.

    WHATS U SAY????

  • Bluce Tatewinner says:

    Sarah Palin is being bashed because she represents the problem with American politics. All face and attitude and nothing to back it up. Her complete lack of any grasp of issues, her inability to communicate what she does believe, her backwards approach to modern social issues and embarassing lack of knowledge are wat cause people to poke at her.

  • Jules says:

    Palin can barely string a complete, grammatically correct sentence together. She has a journalism degree, and thinks the First Amendment should protect her from media criticism, which is almost exactly the opposite of what it really says. It wouldn’t surprise me if she did think Africa was one nation. But whether that’s true or not, the fact that she was so unable to inspire loyalty in her campaign aides is the most damning proof of her lack of leadership.

  • non says:

    I think the real reason why the GOP is bashing Palin is that they don’t want her gaining even more momentum with the party base. Look, she is not the embodiment of the GOP. She is dangerous to the party. They know she is a horrible candidate to win the presidency or gain ground in any future elections. If they can wreck her momentum, then come 2012 they can elect someone that actually can lead.

  • todd says:

    Wow. Looks like it really will be an ugly fight for whatever is left of the soul of the GOP party.

    If you genuinely believe that Palin represents what’s best for Republicans, then by all means, support her.

    But its pretty darn clear that all that will do is alienate everyone in the middle: independents, moderates of both parties and the intellectual undecideds of all political stripes. This was demonstrated pretty conclusively on Tuesday. And no party can win anything in this country without the middle. Period. (And if you are not sure about this, just look at the new Blue states of Indiana and Missouri).

    So go ahead and rally behind her. But know that this is the best way to insure that the GOP remains irrelevant for the next 3 or 4 elections cycles.

  • Trace Whitworth says:

    Missouri is still a red state, doofus.

    If you idiots who think Palin has no experience, what did you think of Obama who has never done anything or worked anywhere? Oh yes, he (or Ayers) wrote 2 books about himself.

    I am not as depressed today as the Obama voters will be when they realize that they’re getting nothing from their boy. The tax cuts are on hold.

  • Walter hanson says:

    Boy is there lots of misinformation being given out by Sarah’s critics here.

    One person commented that Sarah thought the first amendment guaranteed her protection from criticism. She was happy to answer what people thought will be tough questions. Towards the end of the campaign who was the candidate who was actually holding press conferences. It was Palin.

    One person commented about her lack of experience and if she was a democrat would we be having a different reaction. Excuse methe Democrats were the one that was saying that Obama was experienced while Sarah wasn’t.

    Bluce when gasoline shoots up to over five dollars let alone six during the Obama administration remember it was Palin who was giving the most accurate talk about energy issues. Obama thinks that if you have a coal fire plant it should be bankrupt, we can’t use nuclear, and we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil by not drilling for oil in the United States.

    I can go, but Sarah saved this ticket by at least 5% and we were as close as were in the states we lost because of Sarah and the excitement she generated.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Maryanna says:

    Are you kidding me? This woman couldn’t find her ass with both hands, which is why so many people tuned in to watch the VP debate. That was her best moment in the campaign, which isn’t saying much. She couldn’t handle Katie Couric’s softball questions and she certainly couldn’t handle it if Sarkozy were to actually call her.

    Give it a rest: The woman needs to go back to Alaska and obscurity and let the Republican party heal.

  • ErnestPayne says:

    Those Quebec radio announcers did what the American media could not do. The showed the world how pitifully incompetent Palin really is.

  • realist says:

    70 million people tuned in to watch this train wreck of a person say something stupid! To her credit, she didn’t. She also failed to answer any of the questions, but neither did Biden. In the end 70 million people were dissapointed. We’ll always have those great CBS interviews on YouTube though.

  • Jayhoo says:

    The sad truth is Sarah Palin is a lucky idiot,who had no business being nominated for anything much more demanding than file clerk.let alon VP.The fact that she git the “base” so excited just goes to show that the “base” is nothing more than a herd of mouthbreathing,inbred trailer trash that should all be sterilized so that eventually we will be free of pickup truck driving,wife beating lardasses who think Jeff Foxworthy is some kind of firgging philosopher and that beating up gay guys will hide the fact they really crave a little bit O’ pecker now and again and get back to being a partyu that’s about fiscal responsibility,small government and low taxes and not a collection of Jesus freaks and fearmongers.

  • Patrick Tribett says:

    keep huffing paint.

    Sarah Palin, as popular as she might be, has a hard time boiling water.

    if the GOP is going to recapture their flavor, they’re going to need to realize that intelligence, poise, and vision is important in a candidate. Governor Palin is none of those. She’s merely photogenic. And if that was the only criterion for nominating a president, how come Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, or some swimsuit model hasn’t been tabbed?

    Dumb as the country is, they’re smart enough to recognize when they sense someone who’s not at the wheel.

  • Freealonzo says:

    To that dude who implied that Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s book:

    Keep thinking that way. It’s guys like you that focus on these stupid, irrelevant, untrue figments of some 13-year olds fervent imagination (Obama’s birth certificate is another) instead of addressing real issues that affect real people is what keeps conservatives from winning elections.

  • G. says:

    “Reputable bloggers”.


  • Fred Harris says:

    Yes, Sarah Palin increased viewership of the convention. Yes, Sarah Palin increased fund raising for the McCain campaign.

    You’re forgetting that she caused a greater increase in fund raising for the Obama campaign. You’re forgetting that she cost McCain votes.

    She cost McCain my vote. I had to vote for an independent candidate for the first time because of her.

  • Walter hanson says:

    just curious how many of you Palin bashers are democrats?

    The difference we have is that the media wanted to destroy Palin immediately because she’s a threat. They were immediately sending reporters to Alaska. She was being more vetted in just the three months she campaigned than during the whole of Obama’s campaign.

    Only Sean Hannity was seriously raising the issue of Wright and how can Obama have him for a role model until the tapes showed up and the media couldn’t ignore that story.

    Nobody ever challenged Obama on his claim that he was reformed when his history in 2006 was to support the corrupt Cook County machine.

    The media did it’s best not to try to make Obama look bad. When it was discovered just a couple of days before the election that Obama had made a comment about bankrupting the coal industry the media pretended that didn’t come out.

    A lot of people’s bad preception of Sarah Palin was negative media coverage and a lot of Obama’s positive image was his positive media coverage. Hillary Clinton was right why didn’t the media examine Obama the way she was being examined!

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • WYD says:

    I agree whole-heartedly with your assessment. I know I voted for the first time because the two words – “President Palin” – scared the bejesus out of me … She’s a living embodiment of what the GOP has become: a walking, talking train wreck … you betcha!

  • JCC says:

    “I had been hoping Palin and Biden would get picked. Amazed that John was that sharp and Barry that stupid.”

    Yup.. “Barry” was so stupid that he went out and blew “sharp” John right off the electoral map.

    And “Barry” has Sarah to thanks for a lot of that blow-out.

  • Laura says:

    After the dust settles, indeed.

    It’ll be interesting to see what stories are true and which ones are trumped up lies.

    A couple of questions, though:

    How can Palin be a “godsend” for Republicans if so many left the party specifically because of her nomination? I understand that the higher-end Republicans weren’t her target audience, but aren’t they important too? Without them, Democrats took over both houses AND the presidency.

    Stories are starting to come out now, and it’ll be interesting to see if Palin really was told to only get three suits and a stylist for the convention, but then continued to buy thousands of dollars of clothes, even beyond the reported $150,000 amount. Or if the ultra-volatile “Obama is friends with terrorist” campaign, which turned even more Republicans off from their party, was begun prematurely by Palin- before McCain had a chance to even see or okay the strategy. Or if she really did think that Africa was a country unto itself rather than a continent of countries.

    Maybe the four-eight years will be good for Palin to perfect her image and prove the stories false… or true.

    I think there is Kool-Aid available for both sides.. and it’s time for all of us to quit it cold-turkey and get back to the basics of fixing this country.

  • xaos25 says:

    You speak of the coming purge, and I’m curious. Would that be the purge of people who want to open other people’s minds to conservative ideas and win elections, or of the people who would throw their support to an intellectually incurious, unqualified woman that can only “energize” the minority of the party that is inclined to hating everyone who is not a Republican?

    I think a purge is coming, all right. I just think it will be folks such as yourself that will be forced out. If I’m wrong, so be it. But if that’s the case, I hope you enjoy being out of power for the next 20 years.

  • Steve says:

    You said…”While I don’t agree with Gov. Palin 100 percent of the time, I certainly agreed with her 90 percent of the time.”

    Really? You know who else agreed 90% of the time??

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