Yesterday, I heard a DFL ad touting Lisa Fobbe as being the right person to succeed Betsy Wergin in the Minnesota State Senate, saying that she was the ‘just right candidate’ between the two extremes. I’ve questioned Lisa Fobbe’s decisionmaking ability. I’ve also questioned whether she’s a true moderate. I hope I never find out.

What I do know is that Alison Krueger isn’t an extremist. Today, I got proof of that in the form of Ms. Krueger’s getting endorsed by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund Political Action Committee. This is a pretty centrist organization. Here’s the text of their endorsement letter:


Contact: Mike Franklin
(651) 292-4661

October 31, 2008

Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund Endorses Alison Krueger for Minnesota Senate

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund Political Action Committee announces the endorsement of Alison Krueger for the special election in Minnesota Senate District 16.

“An endorsement by our organization is an indication to businesses and their employees that Alison Krueger is committed to going to St. Paul to improve our state’s economic security” said Chairman Scott Thiss.

The Leadership Fund PAC Board uses specific criteria to determine its endorsements. They include: local business community support, the candidate’s positions on key issues likely to be addressed in the 2009 legislative session, the candidate’s elect-ability, their leadership on key issues and their voting record.

The Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund is a state-registered political action committee. The Fund represents supporters from across Minnesota organized to promote the election of pro-jobs candidates to offices of Minnesota state government.


This endorsement gives Alison Krueger instant credibility amonngst conservatives who want to elect pro-growth candidates nationwide. After interviewing Ms. Krueger (pronounced Kreeger), I was impressed with her grasp of the most important issues facing the legislature, especially taxes and health care. If SD-16 voters want to maintain the standard set by Betsy Wergin, then electing Ms. Krueger is their only option.

This is the biggest step forward for Alison Krueger in a series of big steps. When Gov. Pawlenty appointed Betsy Wergin to the Public Utilities Committee, Sen. Wergin endorsed her, including introducing Alison to our BPOU.

That was Ms. Krueger’s first big step in this process.

After the SD-16 endorsing convention picked Mark Olson, the people of SD-16 disagreed with the endorsing convention’s recommendation and made Ms. Krueger the official GOP nominee for the special election.

That was her second big step in this process.

Getting the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund Political Action Committee’s endorsement is the third big step in this process. This process isn’t over, though, until Tuesday night. The most important step in this process is electing Alison Krueger to the Minnesota Senate.

That’s the best conclusion to this process. It’s also the best thing that could happen for Minnesota citizens and the people of SD-16.

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