Tuesday night, I took a roadtrip with King Banaian to the Talk the Vote event. Once there, we were joined by 3,000 of our closest friends at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. the event was hosted by AM1280 the Patriot. What a spectacular event!!!

To open the show, Minnesota’s congressional candidates were introduced. Barb Davis-White gave a wonderful, strong speech. Michele was at her confident best. Erik Paulsen had a great riff, which would’ve been the best riff of the night if not for Ed Matthews. To say that the joint was jumping during Ed’s stump speech is understatement.

I’ve heard Candidate Matthews on the Headliners before but Tuesday night, Ed’s riff set the tone for the night. Ed’s mix of energy and sobriety was impressive. The people of CD-4 would be fortunate to have Mr. Matthews represent them.

After that, Hugh introduced Norm to the audience. I’ve seen Norm in St. Cloud 3 times thus far and have been impressed with him each time. Tonight, though, was the best I’ve ever seen him. Norm’s public servant heart really shined through. He talked about the need for an “all of the above energy plan”, something that went over exceptionally well with the crowd.

About 10 days ago, Norm took a significant hit in the polls. Some people wondered if that hit wouldn’t propel Al Franken to victory. While none of the races are open and shut winners (with John Kline’s seat being the possible exception), we can’t let up. Nonetheless, I’m confident that a corner has been turned and that it’s turned in Norm’s favor.

Another highlight of the night was Dennis Prager. If you’ve never seen him in this type of format, you’ve missed something special. Tonight, Mr. Prager talked about how America used to have two political parties that loved America with all their hearts. He then said that a 1960’s counterculture group has taken over one political party, a party of peace activists whose mantra was “Give peace a chance.” Mr. Prager’s repsonse was moving, saying that peace activists didn’t liberate Auschwitz, that it was soldiers that liberated Auschwitz. It’s impossible to argue against that thinking.

Dr. Prager said that it’s possible to have anti-American views and still be a decent American. I wholeheartedly agree.

On our way back to St. Cloud, we talked about how the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to be distinctly un-European. They didn’t want the United States to follow Europe’s pattern. They wanted the United States to have a distinct personality.

Another important part of Dr. Prager’s presentation was explaining the difference between change and improvement. Prager said that the notion of change implies the notion that we were doing things wrong. Improvement simply means that we’re finding ways to live life better. This was obviously pointed at the ‘Blame America First’ crowd.

Next time they hold this type of event, I suspect they’ll need something a bit bigger than Orchestra Hall, which was a great venue. The next time an event like this is held, I suspect that we’ll need something the size of Mariucci Arena.

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