David Obey is one of the biggest blowhards in the House. Yesterday, Rep. Obey made this assinine statement:

House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-WI) just went off on the GOP in general and Minority Leader John Boehner in particular. “I guess the Republican leadership is so weak, John Boehner couldn’t deliver 50 percent of the votes. I thought these were big boys,” he said.

Obey said Boehner’s explanation “gives hypocracy a bad name to say that anybody else but House Republicans are responsible.” Obey blasted the “absolute fecklessness” of House Republicans who voted against it.

It’s time that I ripped Rep. Obey a new one. He’s whining that John Boehner didn’t deliver more votes for the bailout bill. Why isn’t he whining about the 12 Democrats from Barney Frank’s committee that didn’t vote for the bill? Why isn’t Obey whining about the people from the CBC that didn’t vote for the bill? Why isn’t Rep. Obey whining about Ms. Pelosi’s not whipping the vote? The bill would’ve passed had they gotten 12 additional votes.

This morning, Mitch McConnell took a shot at Nancy Pelosi:

Notwithstanding yesterday’s failure in the House, the Republican Leader McConnell said Congress can “act like grown-ups.”

“We will get the job done. We will get it done this week. It will reassure the American people that Congress can rise to the occasion, act like grown-ups, if you will,” McConnell said.

The clear implication of Sen. McConnell’s statement is that the House Democrats, especially Speaker Pelosi, didn’t act like adults. It’s difficult to argue that.

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