Last week, Speaker Pelosi sent Steny Hoyer out to wave the white flag of defeat on energy. Or so we thought. This is what Hoyer said then:

“[Republicans] will have the opportunity to offer their alternative, yes,” Hoyer said in response to a question about how the energy bill will be introduced. “We understand that their motion to recommit will be their Republican alternative.”

Rep. Hoyer’s words no longer apply. Ms. Pelosi has reverted back to her tyrannical behavior. The Democrats’ new ‘Drilling Bill’ is being brought up under a closed rule again:

Late last night, the Democrat Rules Committee decided to allow debate on ZERO amendments to the Democrats’ new energy gimmick bill. It is a closed bill, so no amendments can be offered, and no compromise can be reached. They made this decision over Republican objections, in the dead of night, and less than 12 hours before the House would begin consideration of the bill.

That’s a complete turnaround from their original promise. Democrats have just just told America that their word is worthless. Their credibility, which was already circling the drain, just dropped lower. It’s almost vanished.

Here are 3 definitions of corruption:

  • perversion of integrity.
  • corrupt or dishonest proceedings.
  • debasement or alteration, as of language or a text

I’d say each definition fits what the House Democratic leadership promised a week earlier. Minority Leader John Boehner isn’t taking this lightly:

“With today’s floor debate, Speaker Pelosi has designed yet another cynical strategy that enables vulnerable Democrats to claim they support more American energy back in their districts but then vote against it here in Washington. In rigging today’s debate on the Speaker’s latest ‘no energy’ bill, Democrats have made an open and honest debate impossible for those who support an ‘all of the above’ approach to reduce fuel costs. In fact, last night at the Rules Committee, Republicans offered a proposal to open up today’s debate to enable a real vote on our ‘all of the above’ American Energy Act, and Democrats voted it down. The Majority has even gone so far as to begin debate on their sham bill today while several Members of the Texas delegation are still home with their constituents, helping in the recovery effort after Hurricane Ike.

“Written behind closed doors, with their special interest allies who are on the record in support of higher gas prices, and finally released to the public in the dark of night, the Democrats’ latest ‘no energy’ bill once again defies the will of the American people who support a comprehensive approach to lower gas prices. This Democratic bill permanently locks away some 88 percent of the best American oil resources on the Outer Continental Shelf. It blocks valuable and job-creating energy production on Alaska’s North Slope and Inter-Mountain West. And it stops efforts to produce more and cheaper energy through emissions-free nuclear and coal-to-liquids technologies. Rather than an ‘all of the above’ approach, this bill is very nearly ‘none of the above.’ The American people have been waiting for months for this Democratic Congress to give them a meaningful, honest vote on more American energy production, but instead, Speaker Pelosi has served-up a legislative hoax and a debate rigged to once again defy their will.”

Speaker Pelosi and her minions aren’t corrupt in the sense that they’re involved in a major scandal. What they are is utterly dishonest and untrustworthy. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them with both arms broken and a bad back.

What makes this that much more vile is that they’re doing this because their environmental extremist allies gave them their orders:

Less than a week after hearing delegates at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul chanting “Drill here, drill now,” members of Minnesota’s congressional delegation were getting a different message from the Sierra Club.

The environmental organization, joined by a handful of other Mankato-area residents, said drilling offshore and in other ecologically sensitive areas would do little to solve the nation’s energy problem and would distract from real solutions.

The message of the press event in Jackson Park was aimed at Democratic Congressman Tim Walz and Republican Sen. Norm Coleman, and the Sierra Club planned to deliver the point personally to the local offices of both lawmakers. It comes as Congress is reconvening after the August recess and political conventions and is under pressure to take aim at high gas prices.

“The vote coming up on oil is one of the key ones we face,” said John Hottinger, who represented Mankato and St. Peter in the state Senate until retiring two years ago and is now on the Sierra Club’s state board of directors.

Let there be no doubt about this: Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer have given the proverbial finger to Main Street while siding with K Street extremists. That’s unacceptable. PERIOD.

The Sierra Club’s views on energy production stand in opposition to Main Street’s view of increasing energy production. That’s because their agenda is warped:

  • Distribute literature and talk to your neighbors.
  • Find creative ways to protest pollution.
  • Take your child to a political rally.
  • Take a leadership role in a chapter or campaign.

I found that information on their “Sierra Club 101” page. They couldn’t care less about Main Street. They’re all about their radical political ideology. They’re about pursuing their ‘religion’.

Let’s bring this information back to this bill. Ms. Pelosi shut down true deliberations on this legislation because she’s wedded to the environmental extremists’ agenda. The fact that Main Street is suffering with high gas prices is irrelevant. The fact that Main Street will be suffering through high heating costs this winter is equally irrelevant.

When a political organization puts their allies’ wishlist ahead of We The People, it’s time to put a halt to that movement. I’d argue that the Sierra Club and other like-minded organizations have joined forces with the House Democratic leadership and that they’ve put meeting Main Street’s needs down the list of priorities.

That’s got to end ASAP. We can’t afford Ms. Pelosi set the agenda any longer.

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