Several points must be made about Al Franken’s modest victory margin in yesterday’s DFL senatorial primary. Let’s first look at the race from the perspective from the St. Cloud area. Here’s what the SecState’s website shows for Benton County:

Al Franken got 859 votes, which equates into 55.96% of the vote.
Priscilla Lord-Faris got 551 votes, which equates into 35.9% of the vote.

Here’s the final tally from Stearns County:

Al Franken got 2,148 votes, which equates into 55.43% of the vote.
Priscilla Lord-Faris got 1,553 votes, which equates into 40.08% of the vote.

Here’s the final tally in Sherburne County:

Al Franken got 1,219 votes, which equates into 60.65% of the vote.
Priscilla Lord-Faris got 712 votes, which equates into 35.42% of the vote.

Frankly, these totals must be giving Franken’s campaign alot of heartburn. If they aren’t, they should be. As Michael said here, this is a “total embarassment” to Team Franken. To say that Franken doesn’t appeal to central Minnesota voters is understatement. Frankly, I don’t see Franken’s appeal to independents or moderates.

The Unhinged Left is his base. It doesn’t extend beyond that, which means that he’s toast this November. Any statewide candidate that can’t appeal to voters beyond their traditional base is history. That’s because the base gets the candidate between 30 and 35 percent of registered voters. Unless turnout is low, that won’t get you close to the percent you need.

I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Team Coleman is reading these results and smiling. There’s certainly something there to get excited about.

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3 Responses to “How Badly Did Franken Perform?”

  • Walter hanson says:

    The problem that Al has is unlike previous primaries which were contested the people who didn’t vote for Al are likely not to vote for him in the general election. And with the adition of Sarah on the ballot the person who is going to be voting for Mccain is likely to draw the vote for Coleman. Obama won’t have a large win in Minnesota and what’s worse Franken was going to be running at least five points behind Obama if not more.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • eric zaetsch says:

    Get serious. Franken got 65% of the vote and that’s a landslide. Also, you have to discount Lord Faris’ count because of GOP crossover.

    For a handle on crossover, Jack Shepard got 12,000+ votes, almost twice what Dean Barkley got in his IP primary.

    I attribute Barkley getting only 56% of the IP [note the digit reversal with Franken, in his primary] to Barkley having steered the IP Sixth District endorsement to Tinklenberg, and an IP rank-and-file loyalist reaction against that kink of politics.

    Still, Franken’s vote, adjusted for expected GOP crossover equal to that of DFL crossover against Coleman, 12,000 votes moved from out of Lord Faris’ total, and Franken won resoundingly.

    The realistic question you GOP folks should face, can Franken get 65% of the vote against Coleman?

    It would not surprise me. Being Cheney’s protege now has become a liability rather than a boost.

    And the first comment about Palin being a boost to McCain instead of a mistake made out of desperation, look at the woman – she preaches abstinence as an answer to teen pregnancy and her own daughter gets knocked up. By a hockey jock who on MySpace says he does not want kids. Bristol Palin has to be complemented for the good sense to decline a shotgun wedding with a likely lifetime of under five years, and her mother pushing it has to be seen for what it is, opportunism against the best interest of her own child. I applaud Bristol Palin’s judgment that way.

    Sarah Palin, a heartbeat away from a 72 year-old with recurrent skin cancer, no thank you.

    A GOP concentration on possibly keeping Norm, keeping Kline and hoping against the odds at keeping the Third District would be reasonable. But McCain, no way. He showed himself too weak and too desparate to pick Pawlenty, not that TP is that good, just several cuts better than Palin.

    I see Kline having a harder race than Bachmann. Neither of them has released internal polling. You know if Tink had anything that way to tout, he would, and he’s silent.

    How do you read Barkley as a spoiler, more hurt to Coleman or more hurt to Franken? Honestly?

  • Walter hanson says:

    Boy Eric keep living in your dream world. Barkley will get a large vote those people who don’t want to vote for Al, but won’t vote Coleman. The question is will Barkley get to more than 10% of the vote with those voters. Norm will have a much more comfortable victory than Tim had.

    Tinkleberg apparently is doing so bad the Democrats congressional committee is ignoring him.

    The questions will Davis and Mccain win along with how many state house seats the Republicans are going to gain.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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