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I’ve been here a long time. Not a prolific poster, but a prolific reader. And from what I’ve read today, I don’t belong here anymore.

Women being bashed for their right to choose having a family and a career with the support of their spouse.

Women being called sluts, bimbos and brood mares.

Women having their appearance dissected and witchhunts for compromising photos.

Innocent young girls being slandered with rumors & innuendos.

Enough. I want to win. But I don’t want to win this way. And if you do, then I don’t want any part of it.

It’s easy to rip the Fever Swampers. They’ve made tons of outlandish comments. They’ve spewed tons of conspiracy theories that weren’t just outlandish; they were beyond what intelligent human beings could believe.

I suspect that there are more DU diarists out there that are appalled with the filth that’s posted on DU. I suspect that they’re much like Brendan Loy. Here’s what Loy said in August, 2006:

But regardless of all that, the hard reality is that the voters have spoken, and their message was loud and clear: there’s no longer room for Joe Lieberman in the Democratic Party. And alas, tonight’s result will reverberate through the November elections and into the 2008 presidential campaign. It’s really much more than just a single primary in a single state; it’s a shot across the bow of moderate Democrats everywhere. And so, whatever further ramifications this result might have, there’s one thing it definitely means, one result that is officially cast in stone, as of today:
I am no longer a Democrat.

Brendan Loy is the embodiment of what I’m calling Lieberman Democrats. Don’t be surprised if there’s an exodus of these voters to the McCain-Palin ticket.

What Fever Swampers don’t get is that their hate-filled diatribes are driving people away from the Democratic Party. They haven’t figured out that hate doesn’t sell. They haven’t figured out that people want common sense leaders with a positive agenda. The Swampers haven’t figured out that most voters have higher decency standards than the Swampers have.

All I can say to lunatics on the DU fringe Left is this: Keep it up. You’re part of our victory strategy.

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