John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, has just returned to insult our intelligence. This time, he’s done what I didn’t think possible. Here’s what he just said:

With the choice of Gov. Palin, it’s the third term of Dick Cheney,” Kerry said on ABC News’ “This Week.” “He’s chosen somebody who doesn’t believe climate change is man-made.”

Kerry added that Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters should be offended if people suggest Palin was selected to draw some of the female vote away from the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket.

“It’s almost insulting to the Hillary supporters,” Kerry said, calling Palin a “Cheneyesque social conservative who’s going to satisfy the base. John McCain is a prisoner of the right wing, not a maverick.”

Comparing Sarah Palin to Dick Cheney is like comparing Madonna to Pope Benedict. Calling it a stretch is massive understatement. Calling it idiotic is so John Kerry.

Actually, I shouldn’t call Sen. Kerry an idiot. I don’t want to demean idiots that way. That isn’t fair.

UPDATE: Just when I thought liberals couldn’t get more stupid than Sen. Kerry, I get an email from the DNC. Here’s the spin they’re selling this morning:

Friend —

Over the last week this race has been transformed.

Barack named Joe Biden as his running mate, and they accepted the Democratic nomination at our historic open convention in Denver.

Our team is complete, and our movement is growing rapidly. But now we are facing our first major challenge together.

The August financial reporting deadline is tomorrow at midnight, and we have an opportunity to show that a campaign funded by ordinary people can go toe-to-toe with the Washington lobbyists and special interests lined up behind John McCain and the Republican Party.

Dear God, these people think we’re idiots. John McCain is the pawn of Washington lobbyists? They can’t be serious. Sen. McCain’s son didn’t lobby his dad like Hunter Biden did on behalf of the bank he was lobbying for.

Saying that their “movement is growing rapidly” is as credible as saying John Kerry isn’t an out-of-touch Europe-loving elitist. It’s insulting to hear such spin.

Let’s be clear, though. Democrats have gotten away with this crap for years. They think they can still get away with it now. They think that all they need are the hate-mongering idiots of the far left blogosphere and the Agenda Media. They’re about to find out that that’s a failing recipe.

Let’s be clear about something else, too. People keep saying that Sen. McCain picked Sarah Palin because he wanted to pick off some of Hillary’s supporters. While it’d be nice picking off Hillary’s supporters, that isn’t what she’ll do. Lots of women in Maine, Massachusetts and northern Michigan will relate to her as a hockey mom. Pro-life Catholic Democrats will flock to her because she chose to give birth to a baby she knew would have Down’s Syndrome.

Disillusioned feminists, who are slowly rejecting the progressives’ brand of feminism, will be attracted to Gov. Palin. Independents will love the fact that she’s taken on the corruption within her political party at what might’ve been great risk to her political future. Undeterred, Sarah Palin took on, then defeated, many of the corrupt old boys’ network.

Don’t think that that message won’t sell at a time when the congressional approval rating is just slightly higher than chicken pox and influenza. Don’t think that that won’t sell when 80+ percent of Americans think we’re heading in the wrong direction. BTW, 80+ percent of Alaskans think she’s doing a great job. Coincidence? I think not.

While Sen. Obama preaches the empty gospel of Hopeandchange, while liberal elitists like John Kerry talk down to us, Sarah Palin will be connecting with voters all across America.

That’s why John Kerry and the DNC are desperately trying to paint a false image of Sarah Palin. They know that if America gets to know her, they’ll vote for her in droves.

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