Last night, I sent an email to Minnesota’s House GOP leadershhip asking them for their opinion on Sen. McCain’s selection of Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Here’s what House Minority Leader Marty Seifert said of Sen. McCain’s pick:

“Sarah Palin is a rock solid conservative that brings excitement to this ticket. Her plain-spoken common sense is refreshing and will help John McCain in key areas.”

-House Minority Leader Marty Seifert

Here’s House Assistant Minority Leader Laura Brod’s reaction to Sen McCain’s selection of Gov. Palin:

“Governor Pawlenty’s reform message and ability to win and govern in a state that has trended Democrat attracted the attention of Senator McCain and others looking for new leaders. That made him an excellent candidate to be John McCain’s Vice President. However, Minnesota faces a looming budget deficit, and rumblings from our friends on the other side of the aisle that they will continue their drumb beat for job-killing tax increases. We will be fortunate to have Governor Pawlenty here to protect Minnesota taxpayers and struggling employers.

Governor Palin is also a reformer who offers fresh ideas from about as far away from Washington DC as you can get. As a mom, business owner and leader, she is a great mentor for those of us in public service as well as women across the country who are trying to balance checkbooks, family time and careers. Governor Palin is an excellent choice for Republicans who are looking for a conservative leader who is ready to serve as Vice President. Similarly, Independents and Democrats appreciate that Sen McCain is willing to step outside the box.

It is said that the candidates’ choice for Vice President is the first and most important decision they will make. Sen Obama looked to Washington and the Past. Senator McCain looked to the future and selected a woman from our frontier state of Alaska.”

Leader Seifert’s observation that Gov. Palin’s “plain-spoken common sense is refreshing” and that it will “help John McCain in key areas” should be given great weight. People across America’s Heartland appreciate politicians that don’t talk like politicians. Based on yesterday’s speech, I’m firmly convinced that Gov. Palin, though capable of speaking in politician-speak, has no desire to sound like a politician.

Rep. Brod makes several points that shouldn’t be overlooked. Saying that “Governor Pawlenty’s reform message and ability to win and govern in a state that has trended Democrat” is a testimony to his abilities and justification for him being on Sen. McCain’s short list. We’re fortunate to have someone as talented and as steadfast as Gov. Pawlenty leading our state.

Rep. Brod’s statement that Gov. Palin is “a mom, business owner and leader” as well as someone who is “trying to balance checkbooks, family time and careers” is proof that she’ll connect with working women everywhere. I’m confident that Gov. Palin’s combination of skills and duties will help her talk with wives and mothers everywhere.

Finally, Rep. Brod points out that Sen. Obama, though he talks about change, “looked to Washington and the Past.” Sen. Obama’s pick is contrasted by Sen. McCain’s looking “to the future and selected a woman from our frontier state of Alaska.” That speaks to Sen. McCain’s seriousness about ending business as usual in Washington.

Gov. Palin would be a great ally in a McCain administration’s fight against business-as-usual Washington. More importantly, she’ll have appeal with voters for having taken on corruption within her own party. That’s change we should vote for.

I’d like to thank Leader Seifert and Rep. Brod for sending me their thoughts and observations on Sen. McCain’s historic pick of Gov. Sarah Palin. Their leadership over the past two years has given heart to conservative activists everywhere in Minnesota. Having meet both of them, I can attest to the fact that both are great listeners whose common sense approach will serve us well in St. Paul.

UPDATE: Rep. Tom Emmer has weighed in with this statement:

Because she is from the Great State of Alaska, we do not have all the details about her background. That being said, what we do know tells us Sarah Palin is a great pick! A real person with real life experience, someone that not only talks conservative values, she apparently walks the walk. If the stories of her crack down on corruption in the 49th state are true, our corrupt Congress had better watch out. Great news for conservatives, great news for Republicans!

Rep. Emmer, I wholeheartedly agree.

It’s worth repeating that Gov. Palin has a history of going after corruption wherever it’s found. There’s no such thing as acceptable corruption. The ‘seriousness test’ is whether a person will eliminated corruption from within one’s political party. Gov. Palin has done that time and again.

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