According to this article, the SD-16 GOP endorsed Mark Olson to replace Betsy Wergin in the Minnesota Senate. In endorsing Mark Olson, they have clothed themselves in shame and dishonor. Clear thinking people don’t endorse a convicted wife beater.

I think it’s important that Republicans police themselves when this type of result happens. That’s why I’m calling on the people of SD-16 to correct the wrong done by the endorsing committee. That’s why I’m calling on the rank-and-file to put Alison Krueger over the top on September 9th.

I’ve met Ms. Krueger. She’s an impressive lady. She’s smart and energetic. She on the right side of the issues. Most importantly, she doesn’t carry with her the baggage that Mr. Olson does.

If any of this blog’s readers live in SD-16, I urge you to vote for Alison Krueger. I also urge you to work on her behalf. For those living outside SD-16, I’d strongly encourage you to contribute to Ms. Krueger’s campaign.

I believe in the endorsing process. That doesn’t mean I think endorsing conventions are infallible. In this instance, they made a major mistake.

Now it’s time for the rank-and-file to clean up their mess.

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6 Responses to “Defeat Mark Olson”

  • I.R. Informed says:

    You believe in the endorsement process only when the endorsed candidate pleases you (I am still waiting for Brodkorb’s analysis on this one since he has been so hard on Olson)! Not only did Olson win, he won in a landslide (97-40). If Krueger is such a strong candidate, what went wrong at the endorsing convention? She was also hand-picked by Senator Wergin to run for her seat.

    Were you at the endorsing convention? What do you think actually happened to let this “personna non grata”(your words not mine) win so convincingly?
    I am not the biggest Olson fan on earth, but he has always treated me with respect and he is a stalwart social/fiscal conservative. He and his wife have appeared to iron things out and are going through counseling. Can you forgive a man for past failures?
    Lastly, by going so strongly after Olson, how is this going to reflect on the State Republican Party. Olson has many loyal supporters (including House Reps) who will not back down when challenged. Such a fight between those who are whining about the endorsing results and Olson’s ardent supporters would only further tarnish the Republican brand further in Minnesota.

  • Gary Gross says:

    I guess this proves that cronyism is a tough thing to overcome, even if you’re a wifebeater.

  • Eva Young says:

    Might be interesting to get Michele Bachmann’s take on Mark Olson – he was her partner on PRT legislation, and legislation about promoting the “christian nation”. He along with Bachmann brought David Barton from Wall Builders to promote fabricated quotes from the founding fathers showing this was a “Christian nation.”

    Also, what’s Edwatch’s take on Mark Olson?

    It’s interesting that you commented publically about this on August 9. Michael Brodkorb went public yesterday – after the Strib had an oped which condemned Olson, and mentioned Norm Coleman:

    “Whatever their reasons, the GOP delegates of District 16 have put their state party — and particularly the Norm Coleman reelection campaign — in an awkward spot. How can Republicans fault DFL Senate candidate Al Franken for writing jokes they deem antifemale when they have put their official arms around a candidate convicted of assaulting his wife?”

    Worth asking: how come Krueger didn’t win? Did she make phone calls, and do the organizing to get her delegates out to the convention? What about Wergin? Or was the assumption that Krueger had the endorsement in the bag, so didn’t need to work?

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