This post on El Tinklenberg’s blog suggests that true energy independence is only found in the Sixth District. I’m not suggesting that Mr. Tinklenberg believes that. I’m merely pointing out that Mr. Tinklenberg’s blogger has suggested it. Here’s the opening paragraph of the post:

While Rep. Michele Bachmann tours the nation for photo opportunities, El Tinklenberg will tour the 6th District today to visit sites that promote true energy independence, lower fuel costs for suffering consumers, and create jobs in our local economy.

Is Mr. Tinklenberg’s blogger suggesting that the Sixth District is where we’ll find the answers to our gas crisis? While I’d agree that there’s enough brainpower in the Sixth District, there’s one item that isn’t found in sufficient supplies to solve the crisis. That item is oil. Without that “item”, we won’t have “true energy independence.”

Why does Mr. Tinklenberg oppose opening ANWR and the OCS? I’m not buying the “The oil companies already have 68 million acres to explore” excuse. I don’t see a need for having a single acre offlimits but I’m a reasonable man. I’d settle for half of the federal lands containing oil and natural gas being available for leasing. That’d be a huge improvement over the 85 percent that’s currently offlimits.

There’s nothing wrong with Mr. Tinklenberg taking this tour. It’s a nice first step.

If Mr. Tinklenberg is interested in supporting a true ‘all-of-the-above’ energy package, though, he’ll need to widen his horizons. Alot. Instead of just focusing on energy products found here in teh Sixth District, he’ll need to make the tour that Rep. Bachmann already has made.

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