That’s my first, albeit cynical, reaction to this Washington Post analysis of the Kennedy vs. Klobuchar race.

Rep. Mark Kennedy (R) continues to represent Republicans’ best chance at a pick-up this cycle, but his road is not an easy one. Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar (D) cleared the primary field with remarkable ease over the past six months and has performed admirably on the fundraising front, raising more than $3.7 million by the end of March.

This part badly needs updating, especially since Ford Bell decisively beat Ms. Klobuchar in their debate on Almanac. In fact, it isn’t overstating things to say that that was a Klobuchar meltdown moment. That doesn’t mean I think this dooms the Klobuchar campaign. I do think that Klobuchar’s admitting that she prefered a Candadian-style healthcare system will come back to bite her this fall much like Kerry’s “global test” line killed him after the first debate.

The conventional thinking that night was that Kerry won the foreign policy debate, a belief I shared until the “global test” line. I knew then that Kerry had misspoke and that Mssrs. Rove, Bush and Cheney wouldn’t let him forget that line.

I believe that’s what will happen with Klobuchar’s statement about Canadian-style rationed healthcare. That type of plan is only like by moonbats like Baghdad Jim McDermott and Socialist Bernie Sanders. I’ll guarantee that that isn’t where Minnesotans are on the issue.

To be fair, though, the Post’s analysis is relatively fair. Here’s a couple examples:

It’s hard to see how a Republican House member beats a well-known Democrat in a blue state in the current political climate, but Kennedy deserves kudos for the solid campaign he has run to date.
Klobuchar campaign pollster Anna Greenberg released a survey this week that showed her candidate with a 50 percent to 42 percent lead over Kennedy. More interesting than the head-to-head number, however, was that 66 percent of the sample said the state was on the wrong track and 58 percent voiced disapproval of the job President Bush is doing. Since the numbers were provided by Klobuchar’s pollster, one should take them with a grain of salt.

I think most anyone to the right of Klobuchar took those poll results with a grain of salt, which means alot of people because it doesn’t take alot to be to the right of Klobuchar.

I’d disagree that “it’s hard to see how a Republican House member beats a well-known Democrat in a blue state in the current political climate”, though. Kennedy’s run a very strong race thus far and he’s got a reputation of being a strong campaigner. I haven’t attended any Klobuchar rallies but I don’t get the impression that she’s the campaigner that Kennedy is.

The truth is I think she might not be a strong campaigner based on her “You made a promise. You said you would abide by the endorsement” line from her Almanac performance. It’s like she expected a coronation. I might be misreading her reaction but it isn’t a stretch, either.

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