Rumor has it that Mayor Banaian was dancing in front of his TV set for most of the evening. If such rumors are to be believed, it’s likely that Hizzoner was dancing because his beloved Celtics were waltzing their way into the NBA history books with a 131-92 shellacking of the LA Lakers.

Shortly after the buzzer sounded, the camera was on KG because KG was hugging Bill Russell. Because the mic was set loud enough, you could hear a portion of their conversation. KG first said “Man, I hope we made you proud” to which Mr. Russell said “You bet you did.”

To be perfectly honest, I was cheering for the Celtics, too, and not just because of the bet between King and Tony Garcia either. It’s because, at least in the best of times, the Celtics have always carried themselves with a dignity unrivaled in professional baskeetball.

Tuesday night belonged to the Celts’ Big Three of KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. Early in the game, KG led the way with his offense, toying at times with Pau Gasol. Frankly, that’s a mismatch that can’t be allowed to happen all night long. KG abused Gasol to the tune of 26 points and 14 rebounds.

The Celts put the game away in the second quarter by outscoring the Lakers 34-15. That gave the Celts a 23 point halftime lead. It’s a lead they never relinquished, mostly thanks to their defensive intensity. Rajon Rondo’s intensity was highlighted all night, though he was just the most visible defensive star.

The Celts’ defense shut down everyone on the Lakers. Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom scored 11 points and 12 points respectively. Kobe led the Lakers with 22 points but 9 of those were in the first quarter on long three pointers. The guys that quietly took the Lakers out were KG, P.J. Brown and James Posey. That’s verified by the fact that the Lakers got 2 offensive rebounds the entire game.

This has been an exception sports year for King, especially considering his Red Sox swept the Rockies in the World Series, his Giants ruined the Patriots’ perfect season and now is culminated with his beloved Celts thumping the hated LaLa Lakers in the NBA Finals.

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