When Joe Biden ran as a moderate, informed people knew that was a façade. One of Biden’s first EOs was to shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline. Montana Sen. Steve Daines has put together other western senators in an effort to stop that executive order from killing jobs, increase reliance on Middle East oil and raising gas prices.

Biden’s executive order reads, in part, “The Keystone XL pipeline disserves the U.S. national interest. The United States and the world face a climate crisis. That crisis must be met with action on a scale and at a speed commensurate with the need to avoid setting the world on a dangerous, potentially catastrophic, climate trajectory. Our domestic efforts must go hand in hand with U.S. diplomatic engagement… The United States must be in a position to exercise vigorous climate leadership in order to achieve a significant increase in global climate action and put the world on a sustainable climate pathway. Leaving the Keystone XL pipeline permit in place would not be consistent with my Administration’s economic and climate imperatives.”

Climate change isn’t a crisis. It’s a challenge at best. It’s a crisis only to idiots like Joe Biden, Al Gore, John Kerry and Tom Steyer. Of course, it wasn’t a crisis for Steyer when Steyer made his fortune as a hedge fund manager financing coal projects. John Kerry and Al Gore fly private jets to climate change events where they rant about the climate change crisis. Spare me!

Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Accord with another executive order. John Kerry negotiated that document, which explains why China is classified as a “developing nation” but the US is classified as an industrialized nation. Thanks to negotiations like that, China will have the biggest economy in the world within 4 years.

Climate change is just the Democrats’ shiny object to distract from their socialist agenda and the Democrats’ LGBTQ agenda. Democrats have created the achievement gap thanks to their social engineering activism over the years.

The United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters condemned the move, saying “In revoking this permit, the Biden Administration has chosen to listen to the voices of fringe activists instead of union members and the American consumer on Day 1. Let me be very clear: When built with union labor by the men and women of the United Association, pipelines like Keystone XL remain the safest and most efficient modes of energy transportation in the world.”

Democrats have decided that they’re choosing environmental activists over private sector unions. That’s why President Trump won in 2016. That’s why the next GOP presidential nominee needs to be a Trump Republican. If traditional Republicans or country club Republicans ignore private sector unions, the GOP will wander in the political wilderness a long time.

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  • J. Ewing says:

    So, King Biden will stop Climate Change with this single bold act? Even though the oil will continue to flow using diesel burning trucks and diesel burning trains? and if he outlaws the import of Canadian oil (based on what common sense or authority we cannot imagine), that oil will simply be shipped to Japan or China, burning MORE fossil fuels, and all that oil will simply be burned elsewhere. Net effect, fortunately negligible, is that Climate Change will INCREASE because of this stupid virtue-signaling action.

  • eric z says:

    I am surprised. Reimposing sensible auto emission limits too. He gets credit when due, and the Trump clean coal lie is scrapped along with other change. The Interior Dept appointee, excellent choice, with Stauber crying in his beer while going around behind MN tribal backs to gin up House opposition to the first Indigenous appointee to a Cabinet position, this one having jurisdiction over Bureau of Indian Affairs. In some areas I expected less and he’s perhaps meeting the expectation, but so far on environment and clean air and water, he’s done good damage repair. As to climate change doubters, what’s Jungbauer up to these days? He seems to have lost traction and gone underground. At one point he was the most vocal skeptic, based on hoax “science” from that group, Homeland Institute or something like that.

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