Thursday night on Tucker Carlson Tonight, he played a tape from an MLK speech from 1967. In the speech, MLK said “But in the final analysis, riots are the language of the unheard. What has America not heard?” This summer, CNN and MSNBC used that statement as justification for the riots in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and Chicago.

On Wednesday, CNN and MSNBC said that riots were acts of sedition and insurrecton. Let’s watch that snippet of MLK’s speech at Stanford in 1967:

Prior to that famous part of that speech, Martin Luther King Jr. said that “it is as necessary for me to be vigorous in condemning the conditions which cause persons to feel that they must engage in riotous activities as it is for me to condemn riots. I think that America must see that riots do not develop out of thin air. Certain conditions continue to exist in our society that must be condemned as vigorously as we condemn riots.”

Following that, King said “It has failed to hear the plight of the Negro poor has worsened over the last few years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met.” It’s 53+ years later. Democrats still rely on that plantation to maintain political power. Democrats still haven’t listened to minorities. Democrats don’t listen to blue collar workers, either. When then-candidate Trump said that the forgotten man would be forgotten no more, Rust Belt Democrats and independents rallied to his side.

That’s something that Democrats couldn’t let happen again. That’s why Democrats teamed with Big Tech. Big Tech silenced anything negative about Joe Biden. In return, Biden littered his transition team with people from Big Tech. Now Big Tech is killing their competition. Big Tech just permanently deleted President Trump’s account. Google Play Store has eliminated the Parler app in an attempt to kill Twitter’s competition. That’s corruption in the Democrats’ pursuit of total political power. That’s pathetic.

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  • eric z says:

    Speech in a vacuum is folly. Speech has to be heard. With national approval of “Congress” below 20% they were not hearing distrust from either end of the political spectrum. When heard, it was mocked or disdained.

    The problem now. The entire reaction is denying legitimacy to the suffering and unhappiness crony capitalism that both parties revel in.

    It is unfortunate Trump’s money ginning via contesting the election result caused the discord to grow in a wrong way, but taking the discord into the Capitol was a Cleansing of the Temple. It was confronting the money changers. Biblical that way.

    The dioscord and distrust on the left has been better mannered. The BLM demonstrations were separate from the equal marginalizations both inner party operatives and their revolving door colleagues – coconspirators were up to. The disgrace of that final bill size and lack of anybody in either house having read the damned thing before voting was a worldwide showing of failure.

    Those people, both parties, deserved confrontation. Trump unfortunately was incapable of channeling things toward a greater goal, he was self obsessed, but the expressions of dissatisfaction, BLM in its time, the Tea Party allied demonstrators in the Capitol, all that was speech. Speech, unfortunately not heard in any discernible positive way.

    When government abandons good of the people over crony capitalism, buying of favors, government becomes illegitimate and needs confrontation.

    Good can arise from the Capitol protests if the servants of plutocracy take notice in a reformatory manner.

    It was a cleansing.

    Also, censorship is bad, and mainstream media reacting against other speech outlets is unAmerican.

    The nation needs to get government back to a focus on FDR’s four freedoms. On the health, education, and welfare of the people of the nation. Each one. Every one. As best as that can be done by sincere effort. Bullshit free effort. Harmful rhetoric and incitement has a place. It is speech. It is protected. For a sound reason.

    We’ve all been schooled about dumping tea chests into the harbor. When necessary.

    The worry is that the full scope of the message went unheard, being addressed by pearl clutching mischaracterization of near universal disapproval of the job the two-party system is doing.

    Quit whining, and do the job properly, please. That is the crux of the message Congress critters need to hear and heed. Casting partisan games out of the Capitol protest is false and wrong, for either side to do now.

    The DC revolving door is a major problem. Biden’s choices embody the problem as if it were virtue.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, for the most part, you understood what I was teaching. In MLK’s instance, though, through today, the Democratic Party didn’t change life for the better for African-Americans. President Trump significantly improved their lives financially & through the First Step Act.

    Further, Democrats used to like blue collar America. They’ve abandoned them with NAFTA. When Trump talked about the “Forgotten Man”, that resonated with people in northern Pennsylvania & southern Ohio. They’re now the base of the conservative populist movement. They don’t fit into the Bernie/AOC populist movement because of the Green New Deal, which will kill their jobs and communities.

  • eric z says:

    Gary, Clinton inherited NAFTA from George “Willie Horton” Bush, and liked it. He and his “New Dem” followers made for the GOP wing of the Democratic Party. The Clintons? I have little regard for their integrity or politics. They did, as you said, set back the party focus upon ordinary people. Neither party is without fault, nor without scoundrels.

    The Tina Quote – it is unfortunate she only mentioned distrust with election precesses; and not a distrust of those elected, however god or bad the voting process is. When offered two choices each election, it is like your favorite team, the Packers or the Giants. Those on the West coast and the midwest and south might say, “Why do I have to pick one of those two?”

    Tina is not the best and brightest of the host of people in the Democratic Party; indeed she is lesser on both counts than the person whose interrupted term she stepped into, courtesy of Mark Dayton whose “Tax the rich” promise somehow fell through the cracks – and sure, he could point a finger at Kurt Zellers, but Zellers never made the promise.

    Each party is at fault. Last, which do you choose, the Packers, or the Giants?

  • eric z says:

    The Parler website – – – Until the Jan 6 Capitol event, I’d never heard of it. Had you, Gary?

    Now the situation is advanced. Apple has removed the App as Google has, and Amazon, having a hosting contract for the site, has shut it down, on a claim of breach of terms of service. That is not shutting down one or a few accounts. It is taking the whole site dark until/unless the site owners find some other hosting arrangement. A bet is they don’t until after the inauguration. Any bet takers?

    This morning a websearch still listed it, the search function is not blacklisting it [DuckDuckGo, not Bing or Google]. But it is dark, with the browser giving a cannot reach that site error message. Full censorship by one private party of another’s web speech. It is troubling.

    There appear to be no leagal rules, except the absolution in advance where a site provider is not legally liable for content posted – with the current expectation of reasonable site owner responsibility – policing that site policy is followed, no curbed speech gets through, etc.

    The classic speech restraint is you cannot shout “Fire” in a crowded theater. Dangerousness of some speech to cause actual harm. Sedition? That is a serious charge. Trump’s morning speech transcribed is available on the web. Did Trump incite riot? Your readers, Gary, should hunt down the transcript [I saw it on CBS website] and see whether they believe Trump went too far, or whether he is wrongly blamed. But without looking at a video, and not getting demeanor evidence on Trump and Rudy, even reading a transcript might be insufficient. My impression, I’d cut Trump slack on presumption he really believes he won and is not in it as a hustle to get folks to send him or a front operation money which goes into Trump’s pocket. He has a history, Trump University and all, chasing a buck when feasible by means that are questionable.

  • Gary Gross says:

    I’ve been using Parler for a couple months before Big Tech took them down. Big Tech is the new fascism. Since Big Tech is highly protective of the DNC, it’s fair to say that DNC leadership is fascist. Pelosi is. Ditto with Schumer. Ditto with Harris. Biden isn’t only because he’s got the acuity of a piece of wood.

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