Representative-Elect Erik Mortensen has figured out the perfect Christmas gift for Gov. Walz. I’d just nitpick a little by saying anyone voting to keep businesses closed should get the same ‘gift’. According to Representative-Elect Mortensen’s Facebook post, he wrote “Finally found the perfect present for Governor Tim Walz,” reads Mortensen’s post. “When a Governor orders people out of work, he shouldn’t receive a paycheck either.”

I agree with Representative-Elect Erik Mortensen that Gov. Walz shouldn’t get a paycheck in that situation. I’d argue, though, that legislators who vote to keep businesses closed by keeping Gov. Walz’s Peacetime Emergency Powers intact shouldn’t get paid their salary, their per diem or other payments, too. These DFL politicians are to blame, too. If the DFL voted to end this ridiculous shutdown, Gov. Walz couldn’t do the job-killing things that he’s doing.

I know virtually nothing about Representative-Elect Mortensen but he’s already one of my favorite Republicans. I hope there are more Republicans like him in both houses of the legislature. I especially want more Republicans like him in the Senate, where Republicans can stop Gov. Walz’s boneheaded ideas dead in their tracks.

This morning on @Issue, Andy Brehm stated things emphatically when he said that tax increases should be DOA with Republicans. I wholeheartedly agree. Minnesota has a spending problem. Were already in the top 5 in state income taxes. We don’t need to become more uncompetitive.

PS- I’m glad I took the time to do a search on Representative-Elect Mortensen. I found this video, which I found invigorating:

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  • eric z says:

    Is the My Pillow guy going to be the GOP candidate? He is a multimillionaire. So he can outspend Walz from within his own money. He does not need little guys to invest in his dreams. He can buy his own.

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